How Portland & KP nailed targets...

Remember the minutes crunch issue?

Remember the blogs about not wanting to break up our young core?

Remember the posts about wanting to more solidify our PG and SF positions?

Well, I think the Portland Trail Blazer organization really nailed this draft.  I have no regrets of trading a guy like Darrell Arthur, or moving a player like Jarrett Jack, you do what you have to do.  I read post of people complaining about moving Arthur... where would that cat fit into our plans?

LMA > Outlaw > Frye > Diogu >Darrell Arthur = no minutes for Arthur

After the dust settles, here is our team this year:

PG: Jarryd Bayless (rookie talent, great size), Steve Blake (vet, midlevel), Sergio Rodriguez (prospect, talent), Petteri Koponen (rookie prospect)

SG:  Brandon Roy (all-star), Rudy Fernandez (rookie shooter)

SF:  Martell Webster (21 yearsold), Travis Outlaw (23 yearsold), Nicolas Batum (french swingman prospect, was considered top 15 talent in draft)

PF:  LaMarcus Aldridge (star), Channing Frye (spread-four), Ike Diogu (muscle)

C: Greg Oden (star to be), Joel Pryzbilla (best backup C in NBA), RLEC (kept the leverage baby!)

We traded Omer Asik to Chicago for futures, we traded Mike Taylor to LAClippers for futures, and we got the SF prospect that KP was targeting.  Why question KP on the Arthur deal when he hasn't steared us wrong.  Plus, how many teams passed on Darrell Arthur?  It is not like he was in the plans, except for the fact we wanted Best Player Available with that pick so we could get maximum leverage, and for that, Thank you Mr. Arthur.  Nicolas Batum is a better fit on this team, he is an athletic shooter who is young and could stay overseas for a year or come and develop behind the two guys we all wanted to keep Webster and Outlaw. 

You gotta admit, this small forward crew looks good.  So does our chances at PG.  Portland still has some time before we really really compete, but I think only one year before it is time for this squad to dominate.

Our Frontcourt is very solid.  Adding Ike Diogu was GREAT.  He is a tough paint player 6'8"250lbs, former #8 pick from Arizona State.  His minutes will be low, but he isn't expecting more, he isn't a rookie and he gives us a bruiser down low if we need it.  Now we have Pryzbilla and Diogu to do the dirty work.  Oden is pretty beefy too.  LMA is a prototype NBA power forward and Channing Frye is a talent that we are lucky to still have.  This frontcourt is set.

Great job KP & Crew.  Thanks for making it a fun and productive day for Blazer fans.

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