Final Thoughts on... Everything & Everyone

My Imaginary girlfriend insists that I take a break from Blazer'sEdge and you know I'm not messing with a girl that rides a flying unicorn. So I thought I'd better toss all my opinions out there. Princess Thundralina doesn't think I should keep things bottled up.  (until the draft when I sneak back for my fix.)

We have a great NBA Finals going on. There is really great basketball being played. I do hope that the ref scandal coming out now doesn't take away from it but further hope that the championship spot light helps to get everyone from the fan to the owners dedicated to doing everything possible to make sure that this great game is  legit and thus preserved.

The Players

1. Aldridge: I think anyone who wants to trade this guy is not seeing clearly. This guy is the real deal and will be a household name is a few years. The reason that I think he's so great is that rediculously solid mid range jumper. The reason Garnet is an superstar is not the blocks, rebounds and solid all around play he brings but it's because he can hit that jumper mid range jumper over and over. Most can't with such consistancy. Oden being around should leave LA wide open. He also has moves in the block so he's a real asset.

2. Outlaw: Do me one favor. Go onto Youtube and look at Blazer or Outlaw highlights. No do it now, I'll wait. ............See! He's awesome. I think we need a guy on the team who can bring that kind of ungodly athleticism. Not just because such dunks are so fun and exiting but because it's a varied weapon that we can bring against our opponents.

3. Jack: I'm much higher on Jack that many of you are. I think this is the year that he has to show that he's not going to make those same mistakes as consistantly as he has. I'm with you on that. I think he has improved every year and he has a good game sans the TO's. We don't have anyone else that is that aggressive toward the hoop. Nate's man-crush aside that's another weapon we need in the arsenal. If we trade him and even if we get a good point like Westbrook or whoever I think we'll be lacking something, at least for a year, without him.

4. Blake: What you see is what you get. He's solid. He's one of the few guys on the squad who doesn't look like he'll get better segnificantally. If he hits a few more of his open three point shots, his points with me jump up, as would our win total.

5. Sergio: Well let's finish with the point guards. Not sure if Nate used him right last year or not but the way Serg played in the last game of the season makes me think maybe he's ready to do what's required of him to take that next step in his game and wel'l see that that point guard we were going nuts about before last year IS the real deal. And he might possibly be the most exiting player on the team. ..... And don't piss him off by sticking him with the nickname "the Translator".

6. Rudy: Do we really have the best player in Europe coming over? I have no fear about getting exited about this guy. He might very well be the Manu Gin-OB-lee we all hope but with an extra notch known as his stone cold super jumper and fearless offense game. That's something we can all get behind.

7. Prizbilla: I'm certainly repeating myself and mirroring what others have said but I'm very sure this guy is the forth or fifth most untradeable player on the squad. At least before next year. He'll teach Oden, he'll protect Oden, he will allow Oden all the more freedom to learn and make mistakes and give it his all. After that, if we find a true legit back up we might have let him go when some team comes looking for a starting center of their own. He might want to stay, so he can stay on the championship express.

8. Webster: I wouldn't trade him before his senior season for anything. Anything not named LaBron Paul. How many college seniors don't really show their b ball greatness until their final year. Ever hear of Danny Manning before he near single handedly took Kansas all the way his senior year in college? Oh, well I hadn't.

9. Roy: Firstly it's pronounced wa. For those who don't know, that's an slightly obscure hockey reference and that last joke you'll get out of me. .... Roy is good. He's the glue guy. He's the couch on the floor. He plays the game right. I'll bet the players are more afraid to let Roy down than maybe even Nate. As for him being point guard I've tossed out the same arguments as most in that I don't think he can or should guard opposing super quick points or bring the ball up against the inevitable pressure D Opponents would bring.  But if Rudy is the 2nd coming of Rudy Fernandez* than maybe it can be done.

*Well who else can I compare him too but himself? He might turn out to be better than Dirk.

10. McRoberts and Von Wafer: It's a numbers game boys. Sorry, you're not likely to be on this team next year.

11. Frye: He's LaMarcus light. Which is scary when LA is already a little to light. ... I was kinda down on him. He's got a little game in his sure but he looked kinda like that okay guy you have at the end of your bench but not much more as he's probably hit his ceiling already. But then we see that last month of the season, well those with comcast did, and he looks like he might just be really really good NBA player. He's LaMarcus Insurance. I like insurance, I need insurance. (Obama? you listening?) Not much minutes for the Frye but he wants to stay. He likes it hear. He likes his teammates. Hey, I do to.

12. Jones: His mad shooting had to have been the #1 factor in our winning 13 games in a row. Then suddenly, he was pretty stinky. Was he hurt? Well he is a good player who brings a steady influence. It's up to him whether he signs with us again. He's certainly an asset.

13. LaFrenz: He may not get any time next year and might even be relegated to the IR with our numbers crunch. Midway through the season he'll prob be gone in a sexy trade for some needed piece. If not, at the end of it and WE get the sap space.

14. Draft: Sure I want Rose but I wouldn't gut the team to get him. So other than Rose I'd like a lock down Defensive guy. Westbrook seems to fill that bill. I'm hoping we move up and get him. But beyond that, in KP I trust.

15. Nate: Mr. Sonic is a good couch. I'm not sure he's a great one. He seems to lack imagination for me at times. But despite that, he might be the best couch for this team. His offense suddenly seemed unstoppable during the streak. It seems to require a healthy, deadly shooter to make it work. Now that we're adding even more weapons next year and then it's look out league. And they say the players love him. Heck that alone might be worth more than imagination. Still, I'm not worried, if he doesn't win a lease one ring in 3 years, 4 tops, you can be sure we'll have someone else at the reigns.

16. Koponan/Freeland: Do we really have the best Finish point guard? Cool. Well don't believe the hype on this guy. Wait, that's all we have to go on isn't it. Well until summer league. I want to see all the summer league games but fear I'll see none. This makes me sad. .... as for Freeland.....uh..... yes I would like some Free Land. Perhaps in Hawaii. Tom, can you help a brother out?

17. Wheels: I had said here on B.E. the other day that I think Wheels sucks. Well I take it back. He doesn't suck but some of the things he does makes it very hard for me to listen to games and as Comcast actually does suck, that's not good.

18. Oden. Lots of you, maybe most of you on this sight, are reserved and cautious  about how long you think it'll take for us to be legit contenders for the crown. Greg Oden instantly makes us contenders. He is going to, or has the real potential to be the greatest center.........wait for it....... EVER!. I'm not saying we will win it but I won't be all that shocked if we did. And if I was on when of them sports shows and they asked me to prognosticate on who's going to win it... I'd say Portland. I'm not saying it now no, I'm just saying if I was one, you know, on one of those shows.

And that's all that. Thanks for reading. Please leave any thoughts or comments below.

ps. Trailblazers in 6 over Boston.

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