[OT] Revisionist Histories

I've never given much thought to NBA conspiracy theories or the like, but I have to say this:

After reading the references to the 2002 WCF Game 6 4th quarter and Kobe elbowing Bibby, etc., I thought I'd check out the video for myself. Living in this modern age, it didn't even occur to me that it wouldn't be on YouTube. Thing is, I haven't found ANY video ANYWHERE online for either of these events. None. Zip. I just don't get it - in fact, the only clip I've found is an NBA-created (I think it may be a Lakers season recap DVD) video in which Game 6 is essentially recapped: "Shaq carried the team. That's it." It's literally a 13+ minute video and the Game 6 recap lasts about 40 seconds. It starts out the second segment:
Part 2

No mention of controversy, no mention of free throw shooting, no going into the score, no mention of any Kings, no nothing. Just Shaq getting an and-one and talking about his midnight call from Kobe. Total gloss-over. Really bizarre. Also, all searches for Kobe + Bibby, Kobe + Bibby + foul, Kobe + Bibby + elbow + nose, etc., yield about six video results on YouTube, none of them relevant.

Now, I'm not going to hold anything against the NBA for choosing which videos it would and would not like online (they DO have the copyright, and if they don't want to let people conveniently relive the Palace brawl, so be it), but I think this non-existence fingers a much larger problem: the NBA doesn't want people seeing Game 6 tape. Plain and simple, right? That seems tantamount to an admission of at least some culpability, in my eyes. Also, it's worth noting that other games in that series alone are well-represented on YouTube (games 1, 4, 5 & 7), so it's not like it isn't posted due to lack of interest.

Also, after Game 6, Ralph Nader wrote a letter to Stern, an excerpt from which is below:

"You should know, however, that absolute power, if you choose the former course of inaction, invites the time when it is challenged and changed ­ whether by more withdrawal of fans or by more formal legal or legislative action. No government in our country can lawfully stifle free speech and fine those who exercise it; the NBA under present circumstances can both stifle and fine players and coaches who speak up. There is no guarantee that this tyrannical status quo will remain stable over time, should you refuse to bend to reason and the reality of what occurred. A review that satisfies the fans' sense of fairness and deters future recurrences would be a salutary contribution to the public trust that the NBA badly needs."


Again, I'm no wacko, but it does seem a little odd. Also, if you can prove me wrong, I'd feel much saner and also would love to watch the videos, so throw a link in the comments, if you can.





p.s. You also can't find any video Jeff Van Gundy clinging to Alonzo Mourning's leg during the Knicks-Heat bench fight, which saddens me deeply.

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