Possible trade problems

There has been much discussion on who we will be able to trade for in the offseason and the pieces that we have at our disposal to do so. Unfortunately many of them are in conflict with each other.

As for possible tragets, I have heard many names for PGs such as Hinrich, Calderon, Ford, and even Barbosa. Some of our main trading chips are Frye, Webster, Outlaw and the 13th pick. Unfortunately 

it is those last two that may cause us problems.

Three letters may make it very difficult for us to trade with any of those players, those three letters? BYC, or Base Year Compensation players.

BYC Definition

Some have wanted Calderon and he is a RFA this offseason, which means that he 

cannot be traded for until July 1st, making any deal involving him and the 13th improbable. We could do some thing where we draft the player Tor wants and then wait until he is signed a week later, but there are so many risks involved in doing that, I wouldn't advise it.

Some (not many) have advocated trading for Ford, but he is a BYC player right now and any trade including the 13th would be problematic as his BYC does not come off uintil July 1st, same goes for Barbosa, Hinrich and Josh Howard (not that I supprt trading for him.)

BYC players

Well thats OK because we wtill have Outlaw to trade as well, him and the 13th should be able to 

grab us a great player, right? Well Travis will not be traded with the pick in any shape or form as 

Travis is a BYC player as well and will make it extremely difficult to trade him with the pick for anyone. 

As Travis' BYC comes off July 1st  , after the draft.

Now this does not mean that all is lost but it may provide some insight into who we may be 

trading as Webster does not have a BYC on his contract so he could be packaged with the pick to

 make a very valuable combo. 

This could however be too low of an offer for the type of player that we want as TO would be the 

preferred player plus the pick. Hopefully KP and TP can do their magic and trade for the player that they feel can help us the most, but I have my doubts. The BYC makes it extremely difficult to trade or trade for players and I hate to say this but there may not be as many trades this offseason that will bring us in a big PG of SF.

The more I think about it the more I think that we may just add Oden, Rudy and our 13th to the mix and see what we have before we make any moves. This next season will be one of growth again and then in 09 we will be the major mover in the league adding that final jewel to our dynasty, anybody else get the same feeling?

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