Rudy and Sergio are a Bad Fit for this Blazer team!

I know most Blazer fan's are anxiousily awaiting the arrival of Rudy Fernandez.  Honestly, for me, I think he causes more problems for us then he solves.  Here's my thinking:

First, I'm just not that sold on European players coming to the NBA and having an instant impact.  Frankly, even Manu and Parker took a while to prove themselves, and it definately helped them having a Tim Duncan on their team!  I know the quality of play has definately improved overseas the past decade or so, but; it is still a far cry from the NBA level of play!

Second, I just don't think Nate has any interest in having a fastbreak team.  He appears most comfortable coaching a half court offense.  Frankly, I think that is why Roy is such a good fit for him and this current team.  Roy definatley excels in the half court setting and  I think that is why Nate loves and appreciates Roy's game.  It really is just a natural fit between player and coach!

That said, I also think that is why we shouldn' t add Rudy to this team!  From what I have seen from Youtube clips, Rudy is definately an "up and down" type player and the perfect compliment to Sergio's style of play.  Unfortunately, I think that style of play is hurting Sergio for more playing time with Nate ,and it has harmed his continued development in this league.  Rudy will be no different and I can see these two guys becoming a source of unhappiness to themselves and to the team next year.

Let's face it, Rudy and Sergio greatist strengths are on offense and their biggest weakness is their defense.  So, what do we do with these two guys?  Who would appreciate the skills they bring and would not be too concerned about their defensive liabilities?  How about the new "uptempo" New York Knicks!

D'Antonio gets an immediate face lift with this trade.  We help the Knicks make their transition to "EUROBALL" by giving them two perfect players and a lottery draft pick (#13) for their pick (#6) and we select either Mayo (if he is still there) or Eric Gordon.

Everything I read says that Rudy is considered a projected top 5 pick in this upcoming draft.  Sergio definately needs a fresh start and D'Antonio is the perfect coach for both of their games.  The 13th pick will be a good lottery player with several athletic SF still on the board.  I think this is a great jumpstart for the Knicks rebuilding job!  Oh yeah, they play in the East and we only have to see them twice a year!

Meanwhile, Portland gets a player that fits beside Roy and will help with bringing the ball up the court, both have the ability to shoot the deep three ball, and both have shown the ability to play good perimeter defense, and finally, both have shown the ability to create their own shot with the shot clock runs down.

This also helps by moving out three roster spots and taking only taking in one.  More minutes for everybody else and a potential starting line up of Roy, Mayo or Gordon, Webster or Outlaw, LA, and Oden.  We still have Blake as our insurance policy if this plan doesn't work out.

Finally, we trade Jack and a couple second round picks to move up into the late first round and grab either Batum or Tomic and send them to Europe for another year or two for seasoning while our current team continues to jell.

If you were the Knicks, do you make this trade? 

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