What do you want to see happen this summer?

What do you want to see happen this summer?

We’ve seen about 200 posts like this before the summer even ended, but I’m going to add my two cents.

We need to make a move for Rose.  I feel this strongly.  We are weak at the PG position and while I don’t think we need an all star, we need a HUGE improvement.  A rookie season of 16 points and 6 assists would be a huge improvement as well as an upgrade in speed.

We have Travis, Rudy, the finland kid, Freeland, Sergio, Jack, Jones, Webster, McRoberts the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 13th or 14th pick to work with to get Rose.   What we have to give up to get Rose will depend on the ping pong balls.  Personally I believe we’ll need to dump either Outlaw or Rudy.  Both those guys are going to be bench players/sixth men, and I believe giving them both playing time will be tough.   I’m leading towards Outlaw as I believe Rudy, despite the frail body, will provide a lot.  I also believe we shouldn’t dump both as we want to retain one as our sixth man/power scorer off the bench.

My ideal trade:   Outlaw, Sergio, Jack, Freeland, McRoberts, number 13th pick for Rose a future 1st round pick whatever scrubs that will fall off our cap in a year or two.

My reason? 

Webster has the potential to be our starting SF.   Jones makes an EXCELLENT back-up/specialty guy along the lines of a Steve Kerr.   We have a year of development with Rose and Oden but the level of Rose’s development should be much higher than our current PG’s are now.   The finland kid can fill in behind blake and Rose and have time to develop and eventually take over for blake after a few years.

Rudy will have a clear role off the bench to lead the second unit and to be the dominate player that rips up the other second unit players.

Frye won’t be buried behind Outlaw and can back up Aldridge as an Aldridge light.  Pryz backs up Oden and our teams have little drop off from first to second unit.

Now… I’m assuming that Webster is the fit at SF for us.  I still believe he is, but we’ll see.

The next question is will teams be willing to get more bodies with potential instead of one killer player?   Will it take Rudy to make this deal because he’ll also be a killer player?   CAN we have Rudy signed by then so that we can make that deal if it takes Rudy?   What pieces do we have to take on as garbage to make this work?  Who will we be making the trade with?

Miami, Memphis, Seattle, New York, and Clippers seem our most likely dealers.

Miami with Shawn Marion, Wade, Jack/Sergio, and Outlaw plus a 13th pick can help transform that team from seniors with canes to teens with growth and potential that Wade can help bring out in his team mates.  A move like this could help Marion stay too.

Memphis:  I honestly see them needing a good point guard.  They have Marc Gasol coming over and he’s also one of the best Euro players.  I’m not sure what the blazers could give me that I’d want over Rose.  Rudy is a possibility, but how will he play with the other Rudy?   Many mock the blowing up that Memphis did, but really… this team realized it didn’t have what it would take for a championship and it needed more.  Rudy or Rose could give it the more and Rose might be the best bet.  Here’s hoping Memphis is dumb or that they don’t get the first pick.

Seattle:  Rose is nice but Outlaw, Jack, Sergio, expiring pieces for a key free agent run… I think we could swing this trade with Seattle.  They only really have Durant and they need more quality players.  Making a deal with the blazers can fill the spots faster, keep the team young, and position for a major move in the future.  Plus they’ll have a few more years in the lottery considering the fact that they’re growing up in the west.

New York:  No one player is going to help the cancer that is New York right now.  They need to do serious house cleaning and the blazers are the only team that can help do this thanks to Paul Allen’s money.  We can take and buy out the large contracts so they never infect our team, provide youth, and speed the recovery of the new york team dramatically.  Also… as a flavor and the cost of our letting New York cleanse the contract hell with us… we should also be able to snag a first round or two off them.

Clippers:  They freaking need a good point guard and Livingston is broken.  Frankly, unless Brand vanishes from the team, I don’t see us having a shot at Rose.  We’d definitely have to give up Rudy for it to be considered.  I suppose there may be interest in Jack and Sergio as well as McRoberts or Frye as a possible back up (but I think McRoberts sucks based on his lack of ownership in the D-league… so he really may just be scrap)  If we don’t scrap Outlaw and keep him for our SF/PF sub, then we can lose Frye which might help the clippers out in addition to Rudy, Jack, Sergio, and a partridge in a pear tree.

 So, would the above teams be willing to make a deal?  What do you think it would cost us?  Do you agree with me as to what our team needs and what we could let go to get it?  I want answers from those who have smarts in basketball!

Really… the slow blazer news is driving me nuts!

 Also… any word on the summer league party yet?   I haven’t seen anything.  Ken, are you setting this up again?

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