Denver/New Jersery Blockbuster?

Rumor has it that The Nuggets and Nets are in talks on a big trade.

"Multiple league sources said the Nets and Nuggets have discussed a blockbuster deal that would bring Carmelo Anthony and Marcus Camby to New Jersey. In return, Denver would get a package that includes Richard Jefferson, Marcus Williams, Keith Van Horn's contract and the Nets' lottery pick. There likely is more involved to make the salaries match up, but the sources said the trade could happen, making Tuesday even more important."

With any blockbuster, I always think of a way to get Portland envolved, and have I made a find here! So here is my suggestion to bring in Devin Harris and a tough role player, (that was drafted by the Blazers even!). Read and rejoice boys, I have solved all our problems!

3 way trade: New Jersey, Denver, and Portland

New Jersey Nets

Incoming Players
Photo: Channing Frye Channing Frye Salary: $2,487,240  Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 6.8  REB: 4.5  AST: 0.7  PER: 14.83
Photo: Josh McRoberts Josh McRoberts Salary: $427,163  Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 1.5  REB: 1.3  AST: 0.3  PER: 19.06

Minimum Salary Exception allowed trade to be successful

Photo: Carmelo Anthony Carmelo Anthony Salary: $13,041,250  Years Remaining: 5
PTS: 25.7  REB: 7.4  AST: 3.4  PER: 21.16
Photo: Marcus Camby Marcus Camby Salary: $10,000,000  Years Remaining: 3
PTS: 9.1  REB: 13.1  AST: 3.3  PER: 17.24

The Nets get a true superstar to launch their move to the Brox and 2 quality players in Frye and Camby, while giving up basically only Harris and Jefferson. This is the hurtle for this trade, if New Jersey holds Harris as high as many do here on the Edge, they don't do this trade. But with the two big contracts of Anthony and Camby coming on board they may not want to pay Harris the extention he signed with Dallas.

Denver Nuggets


Incoming Players
Photo: Steve Blake Steve Blake Salary: $4,250,000  Years Remaining: 3
PTS: 8.5  REB: 2.4  AST: 5.1  PER: 12.09
Photo: Keith Van Horn Keith Van Horn Salary: $4,236,997  Years Remaining: 3
Photo: Richard Jefferson Richard Jefferson Salary: $12,200,000  Years Remaining: 4
PTS: 22.6  REB: 4.2  AST: 3.1  PER: 17.46
Photo: Trenton Hassell Trenton Hassell Salary: $4,350,000  Years Remaining: 3
PTS: 2.0  REB: 1.3  AST: 0.7  PER: 4.23

The Nuggets get a decent deal for their superstar in Anthony, not sure if they would get more than this for him. Jefferson is a good scoring 3 to replace Anthony, and Hassell is an above avg defender to come off the bench. Blake knows their system and after a year without him, I think Karl would love to have him back to run their offense. According to the article the Nuggets would also recieve New Jersey's 1st round pick, ( number 10 unless they win).

Portland Trail Blazers

Incoming Players
Photo: Devin Harris Devin Harris Salary: $3,995,003  Years Remaining: 6
PTS: 14.8  REB: 2.7  AST: 5.8  PER: 17.52
Photo: Linas Kleiza Linas Kleiza Salary: $1,011,360  Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 11.1  REB: 4.2  AST: 1.2  PER: 14.43


Portland gets their defensive point guard, as well as a tough bench player in Kleiza who isn't afraid to attack the basket in traffic. Harris contract extention pretty much kills any cap room the Blazers will have in 2009, so if KP were to do this deal, he would have to believe that Harris at the point would be enough to bring this team to championship level in a few years. Both players are young enough to match up with our current squad's window as well.

Once again I think the hang up for a deal like this would be New Jersey not wanting to part with Harris. Portland may have to including their 13th pick, (going to New Jersey) cash, or some other player to make it work for them.

So what do you think? Have I come up with the 1st real way to get D. Harris on the Blazers? Or am I just another over-zealous fan who thinks our players are awsome, and other teams will want them as much as I do, while seeing all non-Blazer players and scrubs and their teams should beg the blazers to take them off their hands?



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