Who do you not want to get Beasley/Rose?

Hey guys. It's been a while since my last "fanpost."  I wanted to go through the lottery teams and look and which teams would be really scary if they got Beasley or Rose.  I'm thinking in terms of teams that would be a threat to the Blazers title window if they get a top 2 pick.  I'll use the color coded threat level that will all know and love.


Golden State.  The Warriors are at a crossroads.  They have 3 very nice youngsters in Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and Brandon Wright.  They also have 2 excellent players in Baron Davis (who may opt out) and Stephen Jackson.  Personally, I think it is time for the Dubs to build around the three kids.  If they got Rose, they could play Ellis at the 2 on offense and have him guard the 1 on defense (I think Rose is strong enough to guard a lot of NBA SGs).  Beasley would be tougher to fit... they might have to move Biedrins or Wright.

Threat Level:  Orange if they get Rose, Yellow if they get Beasley.

Sacramento.  Kevin Martin is the only King youngster I hold in high esteem.  I think he's the NBA's most underrated player.  Hawes could end up being really good but I doubt it.  Garcia and Udrih are solid but not great.  Its unclear how much Artest fits into their future plans.  I think they would prefer Beasley to Rose since they could really use some inside toughness.

Threat Level:  Yellow.

Indiana.  I loves me some Danny Granger.  Honestly, that's about it as far as Indy players I really like.  I think they'd have clear preference for Rose.

Threat Level: Blue.

New Jersey.  Carter and Jefferson don't have too many years left.  I really like Devin Harris and the Nets have Sean Williams who is a nice piece.  With Harris on board, they would much prefer Beasley.

Threat Level: Yellow with Beasley, Blue with Rose

Chicago.  Despite their poor season this year, the Bulls have a lot of nice pieces.  Deng, Gordon, Noah and Hinrich are all legitimate NBA starters in my opinion.  Either Rose (big upgrade over Kirk) or Beasley would fit nicely.

Threat Level: Yellow

Charlotte.  A team with a ton of young talent, and now Larry Brown as their coach.  Beasley seems to be the better fit with Felton on board but I could see them going either way.  This team would really scare me with LB and a top 2 pick.

Threat Level: Orange

Milwaukee.  I don't see this team as much of a threat even if they do get one of the big 2.  I'm very underwhelmed by Redd as a #1 option and Bogut as a #2 option.

Threat Level: Green

LA Clippers.  A lot depends on Brand and Livingston.  Are they going to be 100% healthy?  If so, they place the same positions as Rose and Beasley so what would the Clips do?  Is Maggette sticking around?  Was Kaman's improvement  this year legit?  Lots of questions that I have no idea how to answer.  Lot of talent though.

Threat Level: Yellow

New York.  Haha.  Neither Rose or Beasley can save the Knicks.  What could save the Knicks is enticing LeBron to come to the Big Apple.  If that happens, everything changes.  For now, however, I'm not threatened.

Threat Level: Green

Memphis.  A clear cut case for Beasley.  Conley, Gay and Beasley would be a formidable trio.  I would be concerned. 

Threat Level: Orange with Beasley, Yellow with Rose.

Minnesota.  I'm not as high on Foye as most, and I'm not high on McCants or Brewer at all.  I really like Jefferson though.  Still, even if they got Beasley or Rose, Kevin McHale would find a way to screw things up.

Threat Level: Blue

"Seattle".  Ah, now things get a little scarier.  Add Rose or Beas (either would fit quite nicely) to Durant and Green?  You've got something there.  I would still like our big 3 more, but if Oden's not 100%?  Watch out.

Threat Level: Orange (almost went with Red here)

Miami.  Wade and Marion.  That's a very nice duo.  Either Rose or Beasley would make a very formidable trio.  Wade's health is certainly a question but I wouldn't want any part of those 3 guys together.

Threat Level: Yellowish Orange



Thoughts?  Were did I go wrong?





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