We don't need another all-star

Note before you start reading: I WOULD LOVE to have another all-start I just don't believe it's necessary or likely.

There has been a lot of talk recently about getting a premiere point guard. Guys like, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul or occasionally Deron Williams. I am on the opinion that we don't need a point guard as talented as one those fine gentlemen. We already have three players who are arguably going to be good enough to be all-star caliber.
What we have:

1.Brandon Roy, already is an all-star. Will almost definitely average twenty point per game next year.

2.Lamarcus Aldridge, already averaging 17 points and 7 rebounds in only his second season. My guess would be that LMA will average at least 20 points per game next year.

3.Greg Oden: if GO lives up to expectations he will end up be able to average near twenty points a game pretty easily. Not next season, but eventually. My prediction for Greg next year: a simple double double 10 points 10 rebounds. I hope I'm lowballing him, but hey, I'm a pressimist.

4.Travis Outlaw: is averaging about 13 points a game this year, let's just suppose he averages the same next year. So next year 13 points per game.

.5Martell Webster: averaging about 10 points I expect he will improve next season and average 12-14 points per game.

6.Rudy Fernadez: I have no idea what he going to do next year, but I assume he'll play and score a few points: random guess 8 points per game.

The Power of math

Points a game next year
B.Roy: 20
LMA: 20
GO: 10
Travis: 13
Martell: 13
Rudy: 8

Total: 81

Conlusion so far: We don't really need another player that can score. If you consider that the blazers can use only 6  players and reach 81 points plus add in the other players on the team that will be playing we don't need another scorer. I don't think we not another star.

What we do need.

1.A slight improvement on Steve Blake. I would like this unnamed player to be a bit quicker than Steve, play better defense and have a better percentage three point shot if at all possible.

Why I don't think we need a starting SF: I think that one of three things will eventually happen.
1.Roy and Rudy will be starting together, but Roy won't be the point guard. I.E. Rudy at SF
2.Martell will continue to develop into our starting SF, improved defense and more consistency.
3.Travis Outlaw will be the starting SF, improved defense, range and consistency.

The Real Conclusion: I think the Blazers truly only have one piece left to find and that player will not be a all-star point guard, but a smart, veteran capable a running the team efficiently.

Now a couple question:

1.Is the point guard I talk of Calderon or Harris
2.Am I just completely wrong

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