Youth or Experience?

How good is Outlaw really going to be? and Martell Webster, how good will he be? We all know that Jack is virtually gone but Nate likes him so who really knows?
Personally I don't see them as becoming anything really special. Outlaw just needs to become more consistent and he'll be as good as he can i.e 14pts 2assists 4rbs a game. Sure he might get good enough to put up 18pts 4assists 6rbs but I highly doubt it. Webster has the potential to be an All-Star but will he? Right now he's only a role player on team with plenty of them.
Think about this, next year we have :

--a #1 pick i.e ODEN
--a potential #5 pick i.e RUDY
--and the 13th pick of the upcoming draft.
We already have :
--an All-Star shooting guard in ROY
--a candidate for most improved player in ALDRIDGE
--and a legitimate backup center in PRYZBILLA.

Isn't that enough to build a Championship team right there? Can we really afford to keep bringing in youth and potential and then wait years till they are ready to produce?
I say we gut the entire team and only keep Oden, Rudy, Roy, LMA and Pryzbilla. I guess we might have to keep Sergio too. The rest can be trade bait. Remember this could be the last summer to trade Webster, Jack, Frye and McRob. Those guys plus Outlaw and Blake could get us some much needed experience to the team.
What we would be then looking for are:

-- a starting Point Guard
like Calderon, Collison, Udrih, Andre Miller, Ford
-- a backup Point Guard
like A.Brooks, Watson, Anthony Johnson, Augustin, Lawson
-- a defensive Small Forward(role player)
like J.Posey, Salmons, Barnes, Ross, Simmons, Batum,  
-- a backup 3pt shooter
like Nachbar, Korver, J.Jones, Szcerbiak, Budinger
-- and backup Power Forward
like Bass, Gomes, Moore, Haslem, Diogu, D.Marshall

Those were just examples of guys that we could go after to fill the lesser posistions in the team. We probably couldn't get one of each but IF KP where to fill 3/4 of the posistions then we would have a great summer. We have tradeable pieces in players and draft picks to fill all four but that would require Kevin to get really creative. For example we could trade 2 out of the 4 second round picks for Brooks and the other 2 for Diogu and that's two posistions filled. Brooks is very quick and can be the defensive PG that we NEED! Diogu has not had a good year but is strong and can play, he's not ideal but who else could we get for so little? How about trading Outlaw, Jack and the 13th pick for Calderon? We might not need to offer the 13th pick cause well Toronto might REALLY like fish, I mean Trout? All this AND we get to keep Webster.

New team with experience:
PG- Calderon/Brooks/Sergio
SG- Roy/Rudy
SF- Barnes/Webster
PF- Aldridge/Diogu(?)
C - Oden/Pryzbilla/Raef

Then if we have the 13th pick we could take best available player. I may be living in dream land but losing 4 in a row makes me this way.

 Oh, if no one likes Diogu then we could trade up to get Randolph or Griffin. O.k now I'm done!

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