Trade with the Heat?

I'm so bored today. Which means: More diaries from bfan.

I noticed this interesting little tidbit while searching the rumor mill recently:

No Clear-Cut Best Player

Although NBA rules prohibit him from commenting on freshmen Michael Beasley and Derrick Rose, Heat coach Pat Riley indicated Tuesday he is undecided what he would do if the Heat lands the No. 1 pick, asserting there is no clear-cut best player.

"There is not a definitive guy right now," he said, reiterating he would consider trading the pick for veteran help. "If there's someone we all agree on ... then we will do that. If we can't get a consensus, or if I don't feel real good about it, or if he doesn't really fit because of the position, then maybe we go in another direction." -- The Miami Herald

So, the Heat might be willing to trade their pick to a team for veteran help? Hmmm, not many teams out there who can offer an expiring contract, young talent, AND consistent veterans at different positions ... EXCEPT US!!!

I wonder ... if the Heat win the #1 pick (which might be unlikely since the worst team hardly ever wins the lottery), could we make a play?

This is a toughy since the Heat currently only have 7 players on their roster next year--one of which is on a qualifying offer, with the other two on team options for a minimum-level contract. It is conceivable that none of these players are brought back, leaving only Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem, Mark Blount, and Daequan Cook with which to work a trade. Any trade with the Heat must likely include Blount and his horrid contract. Other players, like Jason Williams, could be used in a sign-and-trade, or a third team could be brought into the mix, which are both likely options as well.

So, I pose the question to you BlazersEdgers: Assuming Miami draws the pick and would prefer to improve their team in multiple areas rather than simply taking Rose or Beasley, what would you offer to get a deal done? Any suggestions must work under the salary cap. The best suggestion will earn the title of "Little Pritchard" from yours truly ...

Follow up question: Is it destiny that a player named "Rose" would end up playing in the City of Roses?

(Hint: yes.)

bfan out [editor's note, by bfan] Oops. I was looking at Storyteller's salary site and forgot that he doesn't update it very often. Consider that Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks are also in the picture when it comes to trades ...

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