March Jersey Contest Final Results

The March Jersey Contest is OVAH!!!  As promised, we have not one but TWO winners!

First the stats from this game:

Final Score:  Blazers 85, Bobcats 93
Which Blazer MAKES the most free throws?--Joel Przybilla!  (Thanks for messing up all of our scores, JP.)
What will the Blazers' three-point percentage be?--24%
Which team gets the most rebounds?--Blazers
Which team has the most assists?--Bobcats

The scores for this game are listed after the jump or just click here to see how you did and to find links to the expanded scoreboard and stats.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Click "Read More" to see the conclusion of this sentence:  

And the winners of our March Jersey Contest are...

ryryslyry 683 points!!!!!!
fatwansaboni 680 points!!!!!!

Congratulations to RyRy and Fatwan!  Click here to see the rest of the monthly scoreboard.

Bobcats Game Score:

TallTimber 71
homersolo 67
bizanbandit 66
dbuscho 64
diehardbruin55 63
MiledAnimal 62
prezofdeath 60
thorson 58
ryryslyry 57
japanblazer 56
OldSchool 54
blazermaniac32 51
dj 36
SabonisFan3386 36
tominhawaii 35
bow4meow 34
fatwansaboni 32
blazerbrads1 31
spikex 31
Krang 30
RunMan47 30
jamesjonesismyhero 28
RemoteFan 28
RemoteFan 28
blindnil 27
DrivetheLane 27
kauaiblazer 27
nostradamus 27
oldbaum 27
rjsewell82 27
rockingharder 27
amitp06 26
amlmart1 26
Clyde22 26
fromagnon 26
fryer4 26
jorga 26
ken 26
loyboys 26
patrickroy 26
dlippman 25
JTDuck22 25
RecordTOs 25
RipCity2008 25
MavetheGreat 24
cornplant 23
Lizzy Lowblow 23
loud1 23
T Darkstar 23
50backflips 22
audienorris 22
Rick C in Tigard 22
courtsideerrandboy 21
dcblazer 21
dharmon 21
gimmesum 21
inroywetrust 21
philthyanimal 21
blazerbucky 20
blazersrock 20
fisheyes 20
Gclipse 20
jc burg 20
madding 20
mg32 20
Vinny B 20
aml 19
Benno 19
jmoney162 19
noam16 19
Section323 19
Brainfart 18
silkybrown 18
annthefan 17
croatiansensation 17
jcaris 17
jjudd43 16
Joof 16
JPOregon 16
lethaldose 16
blazergabe 14
drawingjeremy 13
theblazersphilosopher 12
billyjoejack 10
Mortimer 10
nopiforyou 10
Obrich Kenobi 10
TheOdenator 10
jksnake99 8
Sir 1 8
tweener 8
jamon51 5

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