The Charlotte Game - My live experience

So I received tickets to go to this game and had an awesome experience.  This was the closest I've ever been at a game and I noticed that the empty seats are much less noticable when you're so low as well as the fact the volume is GREATLY enhanced.   Thinking about it, this makes a lot of sense.

So, I'm going to write a little about my in game thoughts and observations and then a little post game because I had tickets to go "back stage" and let me tell you, that was a let down.  Keep in mind that my observations will be more a "feel" for the game as opposed to hard this's or thats.

The game started off with us in the lead and playing incredibly sloppy.  It felt like we needed to pull ahead and we just never did.  We never put that foot on their throat.  As sloppy as we were, they were worse and if we could have just made smart intelligent plays and not turned the ball over, we could have dominated this game.

I saw three incorrect blocking fouls called on the blazers where the feet were planted a good second before they took the charge.  That frustrated me, but honestly I feel that we should win games despite the refs, not because they're giving or taking away calls.  I also saw a non-call on a goaltending.  I saw some non-calls go our way too, but I can definitely understand why some people would be upset at the refs.

The croud was LOUD, but I suspect this was based on my location.  I did what I could to get my section into it and we did some standing and cheering, but it obvsiously wasn't enough.

I looked up around the third quarter and notice that we were shooting 38% to 50% and we were losing at ALL the stats on the game board except that we made two three pointers more.

My comment to my girlfriend is that we were lucky to be tied.

I also noticed that the crowd was really into it and NATE CALLED TIME!!!  I think that was a huge mistake because it felt like all momentum died in that moment.  We were ahead by two and we lost the lead and never got it back after that time out.  (or we may have been tied, but I think we were ahead).  I thought that was a poor call.

I read that Pryz had 18 rebounds?  I never noticed.  I noticed him working to get inside and I cheered loudly everytime he grabbed the ball.

This is the first game I've gone to this season where the blazers lost, and I disappointed.  I think they were trying but it was the difference between working hard and working smart and they were just making DUMB mistakes.

Shots were passed up that were wide open and that SHOULD have been taken, because you DONT pass up on wide open shots.

I saw hesitation with the ball.  That second where you could make a play and a quick score or pause and let the defense get into position.  I can see why we never get fast breaks because the guys don't even LOOK for the open man on the run.  That has seriously got to change.

Still, I was UP CLOSE and could see Nate with his game board talking with the players, and that made for an awesome experience.

After the game we went over to the visitors entrance/exit and waited in this pen like thing.  Kinda like sheep or cattle.  Luckily we had a bathroom.  In theory this is so we could meet the players as the exited.

Webster left, never made eye contact and never smiled.

Sergio left with two friends and he also ignored the kids calling out to him.

Frye was the the phone and complete unfocused on the people waiting for the blazers.

Okafur came out and talked.
Gerald Wallace came out and chatted for a while and posed for pictures.
Their point guard, who i can't remember, came outand signed a few autographs.

Aldridge also ignored the kids calling out for his autograph and exited.

I either missed the other blazers or the left via different routes.

Now, I was really looking forward to seeing some of them.  I don't care about an autograph, I just wanted to express appreciation to Joel for working so hard to come back this year.  I wanted to tell Oden I was looking forward to his return next year.   I wanted to say thank you to one of the blazer staff for the tickets.  So, i was a bit disappointed.

I expected more from these blazers.  I expected at least ONE blazer to act as a spokesperson and show some love to their fans.

Being the guy I am, when something is broken, I always have ideas on how to fix it.

The blazers should enlist at least ONE player to care about the fans.  They should care about the fans in a timely manner so you're not standing there waiting an hour for a blazer to give a darn, if they ever do.  They can come out and say hi and then go back in and workout if they like.

The smallest gesture to those kids can make a HUGE impact on their life.  A huge impression because a player simply came up and said hi.  Can you imagine that experience as a kid?  You'd be a life long fan.

So I grrrd about that.  REally, that would have made up for the loss if I could have talked to even one of the blazers.

Oh, last observation is the bling of the charlotte players was HUGE.  The blazers had no bling, and that was nice.  I find bling to be tacky and obnoxious.

So that was my experience.  Really, I loved the game but winning, and a simple handshake would have turned an awesome memory into a once in a lifetime memory.  It's not just the kids who got a little gyped, although I'd have traded that handshake so they could have had their experience.

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