2008-2009: Year of the Point Guard?

One of most repeated idioms of Blazers Edge is "the Blazers need a point guard" followed by "KP should trade for Devin Harris or Jose Calderon this summer" which is nearly always followed by Timbo "We have the wrong Spanish point guard!". It's true. Our Point guard situation is equitable to giant open sore which ekes noxious venomous yellow liquids upon our fair skin of a team. Don't ask me what that really means, I just meant it to sound disgusting and provide an image of a circular opening. We get burned by quick point guards, we can't run a fast break, and our best point guard is the epitome of a 2nd string bench warmer. I still love you Steve Blake.

Surprisingly, a name I haven't heard whispered around here is "the other Spanish point guard." Not Calderon, but a scraggly 17 year old who is not even allowed to talk to the media yet.

Ricky Rubio.

This teenager who plays point guard along side Rudy Fernandez on DKV Joventut is frequently mentioned as the "best point guard in Europe". At 17, he's garnered enough hype to be projected as the possible the #1 spot in the 2009 lottery.

And luckily for the Blazers, we might possibly be the team in best position to snap up the youngster. How you ask?

Ricky is only 17, although he might possess NBA game, he will not be mature enough, or comfortable enough to leave Spain for America. Even though I'm nearly a year old than him, I can not imagine myself jumping alone from home to a foreign country, with a foreign language, with a foreign culture. He may very sign a contract and stay in Europe for 4 more years. This basically ensures that teams will pass him up in the lottery.

How can you as a GM justify using a lottery pick on a player that might not even come to play on your team this year, let alone 3 years down the line?

We've seen this very same situation play out last year with Rudy. Because he would almost certainly stay in Europe till 2008, GM's passed on him in the Lottery and he fell all the way to 27(?). If he declared in 2008 he is a consensus top 10 pick (as stated by Bill BS Simmons).

Is it inconceivable that the Blazers could strike lightning again and grab Ricky Rubio?

Also consider that the Blazers are hosting a nearly full fledged Spanish invasion, and that Ricky could reunite with a longtime teammate (Rudy) in the states. If the Blazers can move into the late lottery next year, I think they have a good spot at grabbing him.

Now alm1mart can't show up and totally disprove this entire thing.

But anyways, do you agree with me? Should the Blazers patch up the PG spot this year and go for gold with Ricky? Or is that just as far fetched as Chris Paul and Deron Williams? Should we instead settle for a Harris/Calderon to have a larger window?

I also officially ban Tominhawaii to mention American Idol in this thread.  

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