A Rudy Perspective

With all this talk about Rudy in the past few days, there has been quite a clamor about him, good and bad.

Once something like what Rudy said is viewed through the eyes of the media and a group of paranoid fans, the hype machine spirals out of control and the denziens of Portland think the sky is falling.

Now I am not here to set your mind at ease, or to strike fear into your hearts with the speculation of will he or won't he. What I will attempt is to put the situation in the best context I can.


1. From all that I have heard from alamart and others who have watched/heard from Rudy he seems as if he is a team player and with our current lineup of players, I would only hope that when KP goes over he can instill some of that to Rudy, also hopefully when he does get a chance to have a sit down with Segio, he will get a sense of the comraderie on the team. One thing that alamart has preached again and again is how unselfish and team oriented Spanish players are as compared to US players, so we may be looking at this through our American eyes as opposed to those Spanish eyes.

Also if Rudy is the type of player that does valus individual accomplishments over team(which I dont think he is), I dont want him here in the first place.

2. We are on the brink of something huge here in Portland, Roy is Roy, LMA is starting to get it in the past few games, and we have solid vets and tantalizing youngsters BOTH at the same time. Oh yeah we still have a tiny view of the playoffs as well. Hopefully Rudy will take this into account and see that we have the makings of a dynasty here and HE can play a vital part in the strongest league in the world.


  1. Cash. I will never fault a guy for wanting to secure his place in the financial world, as stated above we can offer more than money, and I can only hope that someone tells him about the stories, of Marbury, KG in Minny, Jermaine O'Neal or Francis making huge bucks and not winning championships.
  2. PT which I think is unwarrented, at least I hope, I would imagine that Rudy will wait until after the Olympics to make a decision for a few reasons, 1. He will be busy playing and 2. it will allow our roster to hopefully open up and make 20-25 min/g to come out.
If he comes it would be great but I cant fauilt him if he chooses more cash
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