CC#2, The Lizard's Team meet & Walk Through

anne, faith, JT, Lenny. It is Game Day Baby!

The Jersey Contest Game 67 Portland vs Mini Timidwolfs. it will count (still haven't read "The Darn Rules"). The Lizards need to play in it and Play like it counts (cause it does).   The Lizards are familiar with the new format. The Lizards know who is dependable to enter the JC, every Team Mate.
Play it like it is. This is our future and the future of our children, possibly the Human Race. The original "Caricature" may become an early rendition of a "Master Artist", priceless in future generations. The original will be preserved, while replicas are waved in The Rose Garden on special occasions.  This is what YOU are playing for, don't forget it and treat it as so.
Get your "Game Face" On.
This Game is a hard one to predict. They all are Hard. Get used to it and bring your "A Game".
We need to talk strategy as a Team. Do we all predict the same winner? These are crucial points and could devastate or reward us, big time. Do we cover our behinds, with a few opposing picks? I don't think so. We go all out for the WIN! We either Win or Die, together. So is Lizard Culture. All for One and One for All."
This Game is a Homers "Dream Come True". No way The Trail Blazers lose. I just can't see it (Help me if I'm Blind). Strategy wise the other CC Teams could go OppO but the odds are slim, very, very slim. One GM is goin' for a Jersey and is locked in, Team be cursed.

We need to get the scores, whogits the most Blazer Turnovers, whitchamits greater, whichada Blazers pts 1st `n da 4th and how many does Broy outscore Foye bies nailed.

Please post your Lizard thoughts. Let's "Get It On".



And a lil' travelin' music;  Got It Made

PS; The Commish has spokin'. This IS IT! It is "Now or Never". Good Luck. May the best Lizard win.

PPS; CTC The acronym can mean many things (see insert below).  Tommy the Island Boy has thrown it down, more than once. To me it means but one thing; Cut The Ceese! Beware of Pinkeye and wash all of your pillow sheets. Just do it, do it now!

·    Celebrate the Century, a postage stamp series published by the United States Postal Service
·    Centralized traffic control
·    Cerritos Towne Center
·    Certified travel counselor
·    Chinese telegraph code
·    Chlortetracycline
·    Cinnamon Toast Crunch
·    Circulating Tumor Cell
·    Clear tomato concentrate
·    Closed timelike curve (general relativity)
·    Colchester Theatre Company
·    Colorado Tree Coalition
·    Combat training center
·    Common Toxicity Criteria
·    Community-based Therapeutic Care
·    Community technology center
·    Cornell Theory Center
·    Creative Training Concepts
·    Cross the Canal
·    Crush, Tear, Curl (Tea production method)
·    Cryptologic Technician Communications (US Navy rating)
·    Curricular Technology Consultant
·    Cut Throat City
·    CTC Builders (Curl-Thompson-Crump)
·    CTC, a TV station based in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
·    CTC is the ICAO airline designator for Corporacion Ejecutiva de Transporte Aereo, Mexico
·    Coffee Tea and Company, a coffee house in Lahore, Pakistan

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