The Darius Conspiracy

And I'm not talking about he and his buddies stealing the SAT either.  The following is an excerpt of the McRoberts diary, but it spun off-topic and I think it's interesting enough to warrant its own discussion.  The first part is Timbo's post: the second is my reply.

I don't know what's up with Miles...
No one says a thing about Miles.
About Oden: willing to talk all day.
I still say they're intent on scamming an insurance company, so it's all hush-hush on orders from the top. That's the only thing that makes sense to me.

You know
the first time you posed this suggestion I brushed it off. My initial reaction was, "But T-bone, that simply doesn't jive with the new-look, warm-and-fuzzy Blazers who I so dearly love!"  But the more I think about it, the more I find myself starting to agree with you.  

Obviously there are differences in their situations: Miles is a link to the sordid past and Oden's the incipient franchise savior, to put it simplistically.  Oden makes people feel all gooey inside and he's more important to the future of our team than Miles, so it makes sense that Oden's rehab would be more publicized -- but only to a point.  

And the absence of even a peep from One Center Court about Miles' playing status or rehab progress well surpasses that point.  All we've heard is that Darius isn't ready yet.  Darius and his agent say otherwise. How close is he? What is he lacking physically? How much contact has he had with the team? Does the team want him back or are they indifferent?  Why the dichotomy between Miles' camp and that of the Blazers? All of those are valid and relatively interesting questions, and they haven't been addressed in any kind of detail.

I'm a editor for our school newspaper -- when it comes to D-III sports, you're always on the lookout for a decent storyline.  "Wayward basketball player with massive potential loses fan base, gets injured, matures in his absence from the game and realizes how much he loves to play, rehabs hard to become the final piece of the flourishing puzzle and win back the fans" is an awesome tack to take; that could easily be a successful multi-part feature.  The Oregonian is a hell of a lot better at my job than I am -- so where in the name of Jove has that story been?  I'm with you, Timbo, something doesn't jive here.


Where is the Darius news? Why are the team and the media keeping the fans woefully underinformed about his rehab and playing situation?  I strongly, strongly doubt that journalistic ethics would permit the beat writers to be in cahoots with the team, like T suggests, but aside from that I smell a rat.

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