Surprise best small forward and best defender for Blazers

According to our best small forward when matched head to head against the other team's small forward is . . .  Brandon Roy -  - and he plays at small forward far better than he plays shooting guard.  While he plays at small forward he is also the team's best defender in head to head matchups.  Guess who is second?  Sergio Rodriguez!  [With Oden and Batum taking third and fourth]. 

Here is the list of head to head matchups in order of the overall [not matchup] rating that each player received from  Keep in mind that P.E.R. is a rating system taking into account all measurable productivity a player has on the court and that the average NBA player has a 15.0 P.E.R.  So the chart below essentially compares the P.E.R. of our player when he is playing the designated position against the other player at that position during that same time span.  

Player                      Pos.     P.E.R.   Opp. P.E.R. (at same position)    Net                       

+7.7 Roy                 S.G.      21.5      17.9                                                    +3.6       

                                 S.F.      29.8       9.3                                                      +20.5

+4.9 Aldridge         P.F.      19.3       16.9                                                    +2.4

+3.9 Rodriguez      P.G.      15.5      13.3                                                    +2.2

+3.1 Fernandez     S.G.      21.5       17.4                                                   +4.1

+1.0 Blake              P.G.      17.8       15.7                                                   +2.1

+.9 Batum               S.F.       16.0       14.2                                                   +1.8

-.7 Oden                  C.          18.5       14.0                                                   +4.6

-.9 Przybilla             C.          20.3       23.0                                                   -2.7

-2.1 Outlaw             S.F.       15.0       15.6                                                   -.6

                                  P.F.      18.4        19.5                                                   -1.1

-2.6 Webster           S.F.       13.9       16.6      (2007-2008 numbers)     -2.7

-5.4 Frye                   P.F.       13.2       15.4                                                   -2.1

                                  C.           11.7       17.1                                                  -5.4

-8.8 Bayless            P.G.       8.4         15.6                                                  -7.2

So, the evidence is clear that our two point guards are adequate defenders this year within the scheme of our defense.  Blake holds his opponents to a smidge over the "average" NBA player (which is worse than the average starter) and Rodriguez holds his player far below the "average" NBA player.  They have both TREMENDOUSLY improved their offensive and defensive play.  Blake has improved his offense from last years 13.6 to 17.8 and his head to head defense has improved from 17.4 last year to 15.7 this year.   Rodriguez has even improved more.  Last year he had a miserable 9.5 offensive rating, this year he is up to a respectable 15.5, but more importantly his defense has improved from 17.2 to 13.3!  That will get it done. 

Roy currently plays 1/3 of his minutes at small forward.  Should that number increase considering his unbelievable performance at small forward and Fernandez's impressive numbers at shooting guard?  

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