Dirk Nowitski to sign with Blazers in 2010

Kevin Pritchard loves bigs who can shoot.                                                                    Kevin Pritchard REALLY loves getting a good deal.                                                     2010 unleashes a tidal wave of free agents into a beach of barely bouyant GM's. Few will have the cap space to spend, fewer still the deep pockets well into the throws of a financial...stop we're not going there! 

I'm calling my shot today...KP is going to sign Dirk Nowitski in 2010 and bring him off the bench! 

"Dirk would never buy into coming off the bench" you protest! Oh really...follow me into my time machine......The year is 2010 (don't worry I can get you back) and the NBA season has just concluded with the Blazers sweeping the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. (Not even Lebron's 33.0 points per game was enough in the end as the Blazers shot a blistering 55% from three point range in the series) The Dallas Mavericks follow up their first round exit from the playoffs in 2009 by failing to even sniff them in 2010 finishing 25 games out.

A two-year older ringless, desparate and despondent Nowitski ponders his options...

...stay in Dallas, score lots of points and retire an unfullfilled B-list legend              

...Go to Portland, win multiple Championships and retire as not only a former MVP but also the greatest 6th man to ever lace'm up!  

Sure there are those that say he should start, to those I say...

...remember its two years of wear and tear on his body before he even puts on his new jersey, can't we at least attempt to milk as many years out of him as possible then who says he is better than Aldridge and/or whoever is playing the 3 spot to play the 3, 4 or 5 spot, his versatility is frightening.

Watch N.Y. blows all Big Daddy Dolan's dollars on Lebron. Relax while the remaining G.M.'s trip over each other throwing all of the remaining cash at Wade and Bosh. All the while financial cap restraints will allow KP to swoop in and sign Nowitski at 50 cents on the dollar. Fittingly with the left over pocket change KP was able to sign another jumping jack with long range by the name of Al Harrington.    KP had "Pritch-slapped" them all again...  

Trust me, I took this baby you're riding in to 2015 and it all worksout really well...

p.s. I probably shouldn't do this but, oh well...below I've listed the stats from the 2015 Season. I trust you Fantasy Owners won't take advantage of this info. down the road...

                       Name:                              Points:                 Rebounds:              Assists:

  • Brandon Roy                         16.5                         6.8                             7.9
  • Lamarcus Aldridge              15.7                        10.0                           2.9  
  • Greg Oden                             13.2                        14.9                           1.8
  • Rudy Fernandez                   14.1                          2.5                            3.9
  • Sergio Rodriguez                   7.1                          1.5                           10.7
  • Dirk Nowitski                          14.3                         6.8                             3.7
  • Travis Outlaw                         12.7                         2.3                            1.7
  • Al Harrington                          10.5                         3.5                            1.6
  • Jerryd Bayless                       10.2                         1.3                            2.7
  • Nicholas Batum                      8.1                          2.8                             2.2
  • Steve Blake                               2.7                          2.1                            3.4
  • Tanner Bledsoe                      1.9                           1.2                            1.4

Team Totals                                              127.0                        55.7                         34.2

O.K. I know the numbers are sick, the game is a little more fast paced in 2015, but know this...they're down from 2014...

p.p.s. Some of you may be asking, "where is Channing Frye?"  In 2013 Coach Nate admits to Oregonian writer John Canzano, that "we knew Channing wasn't in our long term plans after the first quarter of the Celtic game back in 2008."

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