Hi everybody, I´m new blogger, but an old NBA fan from Spain (another one my godness¡¡¡¡¡). I remenber the first Spaniard in the NBA was in Blazers (Fernando Martin) in the 80´s. Since then hardly following the games in national TV, but now with the broadband pass league getting crazy with the best basketball.

Thanks to that I have seen all the trail blazers games this season and most of the last season aswell.

I live in Tenerife, Sergio Rodriguez homeland, and I love the effords he made to improve his skills, however I dont think he will be more than a reasonable backup PG for this league, just to change the game´s tempo. Sure he will be include in any of the future trades KP will make.

Said this, let´s come to the main point. Altough blazers are winning the games and the actual record 14-6 is amazing, there are a couple of point to consider, from my point of view:

1- PG.- Blake is showing a good shot percentage, but he is not a real playmaker. Most of the time he is not creating plays for the rest of the guys. Maybe is the one below average in the starting lineup. Wondering if we can find a real mixed player in between him and sergio.

2-SG.- What to say about Roy, just WOW¡¡. Impressive. He is now understanding what a leader should be. He takes the team on his shoulders, and thats it. BUT, there is something a dont like not only from him, but happens to all the great stars in the league, they win the games but they loose others just because some bad decissions trying to  make clutch plays. You see Kobe in LA loss to Indiana for example. The Best example of a clutch player that manage the game tempo in the final minutes and knows when is time to assist others or break to the rim is Boston´s Paul Pierce. When you think in the big stars you always mention Kobe, LeBron, Wade, etc. Normally Pierce is not included in that list.

Rudy, well is his first season. By the time he will get more confidence to atack the rim, not only being a 3p shooter. He was used to play Brandon´s roll here in Spain and now he has to adapt to a new situation. I am sure he is not happy now, but he needs patient and time to develop his overall skills. You can see how strees he is when playing. He has between 5-10 shots, he knows that and if he faild with them the stats shows it up. But he is so good without the bal that every body forget his scoreless when happens.

3-SF.- Martell, Batum, Outlaw, Frye. BUF¡¡¡¡¡¡¡. Difficult to make a decission about MPG, this spot is overloaded but great possibilities for  trades. Surely Sergio, Outlaw and Raef will be packaged to another team bringing in a experienced PG or another PF. But I beleive that Martell/Batum will be a terrific duo this season and in future.

4-PF.- At the contrary that mentined above, short of a guranted backup for LMA. I think this is one of the major problems in this roster. LMA needs to be more consistent and he has no another high level player to content to for minutes. If LMA is stuggling nobody can take his points.

5-C.- Oden is just a shadow of the player he will be. Looks he needs more time to grow as a clutch player, but he will be. Clearly now, Prizbila is much more important for the team that GO. The problem is that to beat LA or Boston in play off or a final we need something more there inside for granted the boards and have toghness enough to stop guys like Garnett, Perkins, Bynum or even Gasol with tons of experience in the league. That makes probably more important to trade for a PF than a PG.

Finally, RIP CITY is back, but all this talented and deep roster need some adjustment and one or two aditions to become the best team in the league, and this is something that not a lot of teams can say.

Dave, thank you for your posts, help a lot your knoledge of this team an basketball.





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