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Fanpost again because its far too long. Not as interesting as yesterday. Insiders so I dont link, and of course because who wants to read about other teams.

Apparently we need to keep up the winning. The analysts aren't sure about us just quite yet.


j dubb (pdx): with the blazers off to such a great start, shouldn't B Roy be getting more hype as an MVP candidate? #'s 21-6-5, leading 2nd youngest team to wests 2nd best record...pretty impressive.

SportsNation John Hollinger: (4:09 PM ET ) Can't go there yet, sorry. Or have you not watched what LeBron James, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade have been doing in the early going? It's gonna take way more than 21-6-5 to get into that discussion.


Chris: Denver, CO: Where do you rank the Nuggets among the west's elite?

SportsNation John Hollinger: (4:15 PM ET ) I think they're a low 50-win team; the question we're still trying to answer is where that puts them in the hierarchy. We haven't seen the best of Utah and San Antonio yet, and we're not totally certain how seriously to take this amazing 20-game start from the Blazers. I'd say somewhere between 3rd and 5th, basically, but that can change a lot by April.


Eric, Eugene: The Blazers have been near the top of your power rankings all year. Think they'll stay there, or will they fall closer to your 41-41 prediction? Given the toughness of their schedule, you'd assume they'd actually IMPROVE as the season goes on.

SportsNation John Hollinger: (4:17 PM ET ) The Blazers are probably going to blow away my prediction. I don't know if they're quite as good as their Power Ranking, because a few guys are playing well above their historic #s (Blake, Przybilla, Batum), but they're almost certainly going to be a top-five seed.


Will J (Portland, OR): John, what do you think Portland's biggest weakness is (other than youth of course)?

SportsNation John Hollinger: (4:35 PM ET ) I could point to a couple, but the lack of easy baskets is probably the biggest. they're getting more than than last year, but this is still primarily a jump-shooting team. Not sure how that will fly come spring ...


Jake( Boise, Idaho): Give us your prediction Blazers or Celtics on Friday?

SportsNation John Hollinger: (4:57 PM ET ) Home teams win over 60% of the time in the NBA and the Cs have a slightly better power ranking, plus we have to consider the possibility that the past 20 games are a non-representative sample of Portland's talents. So I'll take Boston, but with the Blazers making a game out of it.



Dean (DC): Is Conley just going through typical young player struggles, or are you starting to revise down expectations?

SportsNation John Hollinger: (4:46 PM ET ) Revising down, yes. I've been very unimpressed and very disappointed thus far.





Tim (Portland, OR): Hey Chad! How good is Portland? This place will be mayhem after they beat the Celtics tomorrow!

SportsNation Chad Ford: I'm not sure they're that good, but good. I pegged them as a sixth seed in the pre-season and that seems about right. Maybe fifth seed. They have a great coach, first of all. I'm not sure why Nate McMillan doesn't get more love. Second, they are so loaded with talent at every position. The only knock on them is their youth. But even that seems to be a positive because the Blazers don't seem to understand that young teams can't consistently win in the NBA. If Pritchard can make a move by the trade deadline to bring in a very good veteran, they could be dangerous in the post season this year. If not, the future of the West is clearly between the Blazers, Lakers and maybe the Hornets.


JR (Chicago, IL): There were rumors recently about Portland having interest in Conley. Would Conley be a good long-term fit for the Blazers?

SportsNation Chad Ford: I'm not sure. Brandon Roy is so good with the ball in his hands, I'm not sure they need a guy like Conley. He honestly is having the same problem in Memphis. Mayo is so good with the ball that Conley can be a bit irrelevant because he can't shoot. I love Conley as a player, but I'm not sold he's the right guy for Portland, especially with the way Rudy Fernandez is developing.




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