Our Future Beyond the Arc

  This  Season's  Three Point  Attack      
  Webster Outlaw Batum Rudy  Sergio  Blake Roy Frye
3pts Taken N/A 60 47 102 31 88 52 13
3pts Made 29 19 44 11 38 19 5
3pt %   48.3% 40.4% 43.1% 35.5% 43.2% 36.5% 38.5%
Minutes/Game 27.7 16.8 25.9 15.2 29.2 36.3 15
Minutes 526 319 492 289 555 690 285
Minute/3pt Taken 8.8 6.8 4.8 9.3 6.3 13.3 21.9
Career 37.2% 37.2% 40.4% 43.1% 29.9% 38.5% 35.6% 28.0%
'07-'08 38.8% 39.6%     29.3% 40.6% 34.0% 30.0%

        The Portland Trailblazers are an awesome 3pt shooting team this year. They were a strong one last year too, but our 3pt contingent has changed. Above are comparisons (the raw data is from of our long bomers so far. If I omitted someone you think should be here, I'm sorry. This is meant to be forward looking and not to include those who shouldn't be shooting threes (LMA; who has an atrocious record).

       With a view of being forward looking I've tried to compare some past numbers to show how 3pt development is going. In all cases the present is better than the past. Those who are truly blossoming this year are Outlaw and the rookies. Since players tend to get better and better at shooting 3pts following their rookie years, Batum & Rudy may represent some amazing investments for the team. As has been discussed in other posts, Outlaw has been shoot more when he is open rather than dribbling up to his defender. This may be improving his %. Still, because of his career numbers, one would expect his % to fall as the year continues. If it does not, it is undeniable that he has drasticly improved.

    Blake has been steady most of his career. He's been nothing special, but nothing bad either. This year he and Sergio were rumored to have worked on their games a lot. Perhaps this increase is in relation to that, or perhaps it has to do with Gregzilla. Regardless, Blake is now in the realm of a quality shooter from three land. He is making good choices. I'll forgive Sergio a bit because he has to shoot cold more than Blake. Still, he should just work harder to set Rudy up.

    Please feel free to post comparisons of other players the Blazers might acquire, but remember, they are not in the Portland control group. Their % might change were they to be as open as a Blazer when shooting a three.

    Other random thoughts:

  1. Is Roy shooting too many threes when he could be setting up the better shooters instead? (Yes, establishing his jumpshot helps him get to the hoop later.)
  2. Outlaw & Frye have improved hugely. More than can be reasonably attributed to better interior play by others.
  3. I <3 Rudy/Batum!
  4. Remember, statistics are limited in descriptive value when speaking of basketball. This group of statisics neglects all other parts of play (shot form, for example, which ensures better consistency).
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