Junk Drawer 081203 -- JaVale McGee Myopia Edition

He's 7 feet tall and averaging 8 points in about 19 minutes as a Center for the Bullets. Would YOU rather have him than Oden?

It's actually not such a silly question after that last showing by Greggy O. Two crashes at the rim, some truly horrible goalie work on the defensive end... This will be the 1/4 mark of the season today and it's midterm exam time -- hopefully Oden puts in a little cram session on the Whizzers and scores himself a B...

Okay, no Junk Drawer up yet and I'm off today and a little bored, so I will gather up the analog news distribution device and see what bilge I have to pump...

Item One. Joel Przybilla says that he hates New York because there are too damned many people and everything is expensive. Cites his room service breakfast -- pancakes, bowl of fruit, orange juice, pot of coffee. Bill: $126.00. "And I am not kidding," Pryz adds...

So what's the worst YOU have ever been hosed on something ordered from room service?

Item Two. University of Oregon luvva luvva Offensive Coordinator Chip Kelley. Promises to make him Head Coach, someday, eventually -- when Bellotti ends his tenure as Head Coach with a promotion to AD. Hey, it worked for the Seahawks with Jim Mora, didn't it?

Item Three. Blazers win in New York, extending their streak to 5. If they are able to beat the Wizzzzz (and they are favored by the Vegas smart boys by 6-1/2), they would then be heading to the Gahhhhden to take on the only team with a LONGER winning streak in the NBA, the Celtics, who are working on 9. The winner of that one would be (note verb tense) the team WITH THE LONGEST RUNNING STREAK IN THE ASSOCIATION. Wouldn't THAT be fun?

Actually, I see that the Cavs are also working on 5 straight wins, but play along with me a little, will you?

Item Four. Marty had to pull himself from practice Friday with "muscle fatigue" in his injured foot. Supposedly nothing big, but he's not coming back at maximum speed, which means that the minutes crunch at the forward position is temporarily postponed. Survivor Portland: The Superstar, Le Tayshaun, The Smooth Wing, The Isolation Gunner, and The Loquacious One -- one of 'em gets put in a ventilated cardboard box on the other side of the island, next to the crates marked REX, IKE, and SHAV...

Item Five. So are we gonna gamble on the date that Channing Frye is traded, or what? Put me down for January 7, to somebody in the East...

Item Six. News for Twiggs. "GM Begs for Bailout" the headline screams. Our automaking friends would love $34 Billion tax dollars to reward them for their business acumen and excellent product development record. Ummmmm, right. Of course, throwing money out of a helicopter in the No Banker Left Behind program was popular and I'm sure this will be, too. Gotta give 'em money for nothing and then have no bucks in the coffer to fund a crash alternative fuels campaign -- which would initiate a new "long cycle" with new technologies coming into vogue and consumers lining up to buy hybrids and fuel cell vehicles. Just you watch Congress muck this one up, too.

Item Seven. Republicans hold their Georgia Senate seat. Who is surprised by THAT result?

Okay, that's enough gunk for your trunk.






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