I was in the front row...

behind the Blazers bench through some pretty fortunate circumstances on Tuesday night.  My friend from Walla Walla came to town and said his Aunt had given him two tickets that they have.  He forgot to mention that their season tickets are right behind the bench.  It was incredible.  I was staring at Martell's head all night, never experienced anything like it.  I was in the huddles during timeouts and felt like I was watching my church league game from the sidelines, it was all so real.  You really get a feel for how human these guys are.  I never miss a game on TV, and this experience made me feel like you get jaded to what these guys are doing by  just watching them on the tube, even if it is in HD.  They are real people, with unreal body types and athleticism.
I would like to say that my night was the complete opposite of another post from someone behind the Nug's bench.  For every negative exchange he observed, I was witness to the opposite.  Martell is into it man.  He wants to play, he was yelling on defense, jumping around on 3's and fast breaks, and one of the few guys dipping his head into the timeout huddles.  I was amazed to see how many of the guys are just staring out into the crowd or joking around while the coaches are talking.  None of the guys who are playing, mind you, but still.  It was a great game, a great vantage point, and a once in a lifetime oppurtunity for me.   I DVRed the game and watched me feeding my fat face a few times.  Plenty of friends called to let me know too.  Jealous haters!


- Sergio and Rudy just sit there and gab away like a couple of teenage girls.  I saw Serge give Rudy a present during halftime warmups... it was adjoining BFF bracelets! 

- Oden looked dispondent the entire game.  Of course, with the game he was having, it seemed fitting.  He shrugged off the coaches and teammates and kept to himself, probably coming up with new and obvious ways to foul people.

- I mentioned it before, but Martell wanted loose.  He had ants in his pants.  I have a new found respect for the fire I saw from him and can not wait for his return.

- Joel grabbed every rebound.  You didn't have to read the boxscore after the game.  Being on the court, you could just feel that he was going to get 'em and he did.  He is so cool and collected out there.  When the "birdman" got his T, the sequence went like this.  Jumper good, Joel grabs the ball to inbound, mass of flesh and ink flies into him for no reason and proceeds to hang on the rim above him and then fall on him with a slight bump, Joel looks at him and says get the blank off me freak, and then Birdman goes crazy eyes and pops his top.  The entire time Joel has the same straight face, like, when can I grab another rebound.

- Blakey is the glue.  Roy is the star, LA is the quiet workman, but Blake is the glue.  I used to think that was stupid when I heard it or read it, but no longer.  He contributes all the time.  In the game, he hits huge shots that are must haves at that point in the game.  He is always discussing with the coaches or encouraging his team when on the bench.  You can just see the respect his teammates have for him, as a player and as their leader.

- Bayless was out before the game warming up against a 5 year-old blonde kid.  He would go between his legs and then around the back and then shoot a fade.  One time though he went between his legs and the kid picked him clean.  The kid tried to dribble away but Rexy was pissed so he scooped him up with his tiny arms and ate him.  Tragic!

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