Too little, too late - Dec 19th Trade Post

Just had a random thought, and wanted to post it in the daily trade post, but there hasn't been one started today.

Earlier this month, I suggested that Bryan Colangelo had better hop on the active GM's list, or his team was going to be in serious jeopardy. Today, that has been magnified by an embarrassing loss to the Bennet City Hijackers (thanks BS) by 8 points. I know one game never a season makes, but this team was already stranded out on the wire about as far as it could go. Anyways, back to the real question at hand.

How does this situation effect the two franchise guys? Chris Bosh isn't going to be on the team past 2010, and most likely will start to aline himself with the door, in the next couple of months probably undermining any progress the Raptors try to make as an organization. Chris Bosh is the main piece that in my opinion HAS to be traded. If this team waits out the situation and ends up getting nothing for Bosh, it'll be Colanelo's greatest mistake as a GM, even more so than drafting Bargnani #1.

The other key piece of course being their franchise level talent at point guard, Jose Calderon. He was just signed this offseason, and that might give them a little more time to make the decision, but I can't see that being the Raptors best play in this circumstance. Lets for a second see where this might go.

On the trading block you have a 27 year old point guard in his prime, coming off a breakout season, being coveted not only for his ability to shoot, but for his ability to maximize any half court offense. He's innately gifted in making the right pass, taking the open shot, and getting the ball to the players when and where they need the ball. The Raptors regardless of how any of this works out, probably won't be a player for the playoffs for another 3 years.

At that point you have a 30 or 31 year old point guard thats on his last legs, as the team you're building is an up and comer. That players value has decreased severley over the years, both from age and from playing for years on a lottery team that has little chance to win. It stands to reason, the best they can get for Calderon right now, right this second, gives them the best chance to maximize their rebuilding efforts.

Where oh where are we going to find a good trading partner for one of, or both of these players? Is there a team in the NBA that has an excess of young talent, future draft picks, expiring contracts, and the kind of talent that fits into Colangelo's vision on an NBA team?

Any wild guesses out there?

Also, feel free to post any general trade thoughts or ideas here...

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