Time to reassess minutes: Edited

EDIT: To preface this post, this is a stop gap measure until one of the following happens; Batum starts to contribute again and/or Outlaw gets out of his funk and/or Martell gets healthy and/or we trade for a starting quality small forward.

The answer I think is to perma-bench Channing until further notice. You would then move Batum to 2nd Unit and redistribute minutes. It would look like this:


PG - Blake 24 minutes

SG - Rudy 24 minutes

SF - Roy 30 minutes (By the way Roy has seen his greatest success this season as a SF someone posted about this awhile ago in something titled our Best SF)

PF - LMA 24 minutes

C – Oden 24 minutes

Bench mob 2nd unit/ guys who spell the starters not necessarily all playing together at the same time.:

PG - Sergio 10 minutes SG - Sergio 6 minutes

SG - Bayless 10 minutes PG Bayless 6 minutes

SF - Batum 10 minutes (Roy would pick up some of his minutes above here to stabilize the second unit. Also Batum has hit the rookie wall. He and Fernandez can battle for SF minutes depending on who is more effective and/or situational needs Defense vs. Offense.)

PF - 16 Outlaw (the #1 scoring option which he likes and his favorite postion PF picking on slower 2nd unit PF's)

C - Przybilla 16 minutes

Kill unit last 8 minutes of 4th quarter:

PG - Roy 8 minutes

SG - Blake / Sergio 8 minutes (for whoever is hotter situational needs)

SF - Rudy 8 minutes

PF - LMA 8 minutes

C - Joel/Oden 8 minutes (for whoever is hotter/ less fouls)

I think the above would solve alot of problems. It cuts into Outlaws minutes but frankly I haven’t liked what I’ve seen this year other then beyond the arc. he might very well fight back into more minutes with more touches in the 2nd unit. This gives us a LETHAL starting unit which is more or less identical to the finishing unit other then at center. You can of course change that unit depending on heath check and foul trouble.

It's past the quarter season mark and we need to make changes and start developing our young guys now that the schedule will allow for it. Also Batum and Rudy as mentioned above have hit the Euro-wall and will need to split minutes to keep them fresh. I also want to state the 2nd unit might not always play together just as it is now. Rudy and Sergio would get maybe 10 minutes a game together which is cutting it down but I think would be worth it to develop Bayless. Mostly this is to get Bayless on the floor while cutting down Frye and Batum's (who needs more rest) minutes. Thoughts?
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