Daily Trade Post thread.

I loved the idea of a daily trade post thread that was proposed and since I don't see one for today, I thought I would get it started with a way too thought out trade proposal with links to back up why each team will make this trade without hesitation. WARNING: This is going to be very long, I can feel it now so make sure you have used the restroom, have something to eat and drink, and ofcourse have enough time to throughly take it all in. With that said here we go!

First we start with all the trade rumors that are being floated around in the NBA. One great spot for this is at where they have a page dedicated to rumors for most major sports. We know as Blazer fans that the two most likely positions to see an upgrade are SF and PG. This is not a post dedicated to the players we currently have at those positions, as they are doing a great job so far this season, and don't deserve to be traded. However this is the NBA and if one of these teams GM's calls KP with this trade, he would have to not only listen but pull the trigger!

First we start with Charlotte who seems intent on trading Gerald Wallace. In this rumor he is going to the T-Wolves in exchange for Jason Collins and Rashard McCants. Why would Charlotte trade a player such as Wallace for seemingly spare parts you say? You back up this claim by linking Collins's game log for this season which shows he can't even get off the bench for the T-WOLVES!  Well the fact is the Bobcats are looking for an inside presence, someone who can help their bigs rebound, defend and help their offense be smoother. I think we can all agree that Jason Collins is not the answer, so it is my job to help Michael Jordan out, by giving him a much better trade idea. But before we get to that, we have to help out a few other GM's who don't seem to know what to do either.

Donnie Walsh is trying to make New York respectable, and he is doing a pretty good job so far by hiring D'Antoni and shipping out Zbo, but there is more to do for Donnie. Coach D'Antoni is still in need of quality shooters to get his system off the ground in New York. After failing to get their hands on Eric Gordon they are now looking at the trade market to fill that need. What teams out there have some shooters they might be willing to part with if properly motivated? Hrm....

Now when putting together a multi team trade, you always need that one team which season is over. They are called the facilitator, because they are willing to give up a high salary player for much less then they normally wood. Shedding salary on a losing team is as American as apple pie. For this role we look to the Kings as their season goes down the tubes, (dispite their win against the fakers last night) they will be looking to shed the salary and as you can read in the link I provided the rumors are already starting to be floated. Now Brad Miller as we all know is a big that can score, passing, rebounding, and defend, (ok he can defend decently, but not greatly). Who do we know could use a big like that?

As for the Blazers, they are willing to deal it appears, but they want an obvious upgrade in talent to do so. Well KP prepare to get your socks blown off!

Here's the deal.

New York Knicks

Incoming Players
Photo: Adam Morrison Adam Morrison Salary: $4,159,200  Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 6.2  REB: 2.0  AST: 1.2  PER: 10.27
Photo: Bobby Jackson Bobby Jackson Salary: $6,487,888  Years Remaining: 1
PTS: 6.0  REB: 2.4  AST: 1.8  PER: 10.99
Photo: Travis Outlaw Travis Outlaw Salary: $4,000,000  Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 11.0  REB: 3.8  AST: 1.4  PER: 14.26

Outgoing Players: Jared Jeffries, Malik Rose, David Lee

New York gets 3 shooters that fit perfectly in their system, while they move 2 horrible contracts and one really good player in Lee. With this deal, the Knicks would have ZERO salary committment beyond 2010 except for rookie deals on last years pick, and this years pick. That is some major cap space if they don't resign any of their current players. The loss of Lee hurts, but you have to give up something good to get rid of Jeffries and Rose, not to mention getting their getting some good talent, (especially in that system) in return.

Sacramento Kings

Incoming Players
Photo: Jared Jeffries Jared Jeffries Salary: $6,049,400  Years Remaining: 3
PTS: 6.0  REB: 4.7  AST: 1.3  PER: 6.51
Photo: Raef LaFrentz Raef LaFrentz Salary: $12,722,500  Years Remaining: 1

Outgoing Players: Shelden Williams, Brad Miller, Bobby Jackson

The Kings move not only Miller's contract, but Williams's who is stuck on their bench for almost 4 million per season. In return they get salary cap relief.

Charlotte Bobcats

Incoming Players
Photo: Shelden Williams Shelden Williams Salary: $3,395,760  Years Remaining: 1
PTS: 3.6  REB: 2.4  AST: 0.3  PER: 16.02
Photo: Brad Miller Brad Miller Salary: $11,375,000  Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 12.0  REB: 7.8  AST: 4.3  PER: 15.30
Photo: David Lee David Lee Salary: $1,788,033  Years Remaining: 1
PTS: 14.2  REB: 10.4  AST: 1.9  PER: 17.19

Outgoing Players: Adam Morrison, Gerald Wallace

So the Bobcats need some inside presence huh? Well hello David Lee and Brad Miller! Williams is a throw in for the most part, but considering they were rumored to take back scrubs for Wallace they would have to be crying in Joy over this offer.

Portland Trail Blazers

Incoming Players
Photo: Malik Rose Malik Rose Salary: $7,647,500  Years Remaining: 1
PTS: 1.8  REB: 2.2  AST: 0.5  PER: -3.87
Photo: Gerald Wallace Gerald Wallace Salary: $9,500,000  Years Remaining: 4
PTS: 15.3  REB: 7.6  AST: 2.2  PER: 16.30

Outgoing Players: Raef LaFrentz, Travis Outlaw

Honestly as a Blazer fan, if you think what amounts a straight up swap of Outlaw for Wallace isn't a great deal, then your even more of a homer than SergioFTW is when talking about Sergio! Rose's deal is done after this year, mean while he, channing, and Ike can fight for back up 4 minutes.

So now that I have laid out my case, tell me the flaws you can find, and I really see this difficult to pull off 4-team trade as a no-brainer for all 4 teams involved.

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