The Quality Pie Situation: Prelude

You may know my schedule analyses, broken down into chunks.

Well, in my latest chunk analysis, I dropped this little tidbit in at the end:

How's Quality Pie doing? Let's just say things are changing at this end of the wire.
My status in relation to both The Bedge and the Blazers is poised to change
a heckuvalot (a good-news/bad-news picture if ever there was one);
by December 12, I'll probably be more open about that. But not now. 

Well now. Much to my surprise, you all sure rose to THAT bait, as evidenced by the responses:

LaMarvelous: I obviously have no idea what you were hinting at near the end of your post but if it means that you will be spending less time here then you will be greatly missed. I hope that what ever it is, that it will be a positive thing for you.

My reply: That depends on the meaning of the word "here". I'll be in one "here" a heck of a lot more, and another "here" a whole lot less.

Then, this:

maid tu rek: i hope your HEAR is with the blazers, but for me, i hope its HEAR with us.

My reply: “with us” depends on whether or not you’re in Portland.


KP Corleone: I'll be interested to see how your status is changing in relation to the Blazers and Bedge . . .
Getting called up to back up Dave and Ben? Getting called up to a role in the organization?
Whatever change is on the horizon, good luck.

My reply:Ohhhhh, no no no, nothing like that.
I'm just an attendee, same as the rest of you/us.

And this weirdness:

everett: Having a baby?

tominhawaii: I think he got a job at 1 center court.

everett: That'd be good too.

Last of all, this exchange that started with the responsible question, and ended with heresyHeresyHERESY:

MavetheGreat: I’m not up to date on your current status with The Bedge and The Blazers in order to identify any change that transpires at your aforementioned time. Can you bring me up to speed?

rmcdougall: I think that right now, he’s just a very interesting poster. He’s just like any of us, but has interesting things to say.

pualo: I'm not sure what his Good News is, but I’m pretty sure the Bad News is that he’s going to become a Laker fan.

I guess THAT (a L[xxx]r fan?!? You have me confused with Marentette. Which would be the very definition of Good News/Bad News if ever I've heard one, I s'pose) is my cue to straighten things out, and "bring you up to speed" with "my current status with The Bedge and The Blazers in order to identify any change that transpires at my aforementioned time."

Awright. You asked for it. Life story time.

  • Raised all kama'aina and da kine (ask TiH - and hey, tom, where's the TiH index breakdown for this season?).
  • Eugene, Oregon, for the '90-'91 school year. Dropped out of UO with 2 1/2 college years and moved back to Hawaii.
  • Moved to Portland in the lovely autumn of 1993, following the 1993 non-summer which autumn made up for.
  • Worked restaurants and became KQPW (Keep Quality Pie Weird) in the Sabas/Elliott era in PDX.
  • Went back to school at PSU to finish the unfinished. Graduated a Viking (like Ime Udoka) at the end of the 2003 summer term.
  • Celebrated graduation by going to see Radiohead on August 31, 2003. Met a girl. It felt promising/intriguing. Got her phone number.
  • October 2003: Called her back. Calls and eMails ensued. Things happened.
  • December: Visited her. Sealed the deal.
  • Early February 2004: Left Portland to be with her.
  • Late March 2004: Oh, hey. Did I mention she's in Canada? The bigger Vancouver? So I can't work/live there legally. I Drag my sorry [Bonzi] back down to Portland and try to figure out how to work this.
  • December 2004: After several more visits, we marry, which allows the process for my moving up there as a permanent resident (by way of spouse of a Canadian citizen) to happen.
  • August 2005: Canadian Permanent Resident status granted. I move up for good.
  • So,  moved up here (Oh! Canada) just over 3 years ago, after getting set on doing so 5 years ago, getting married 4 years ago to facilitate it.

Been here for 3 years straight, with my aim here for 5 years. It's not been an easy 3/5 years. A few months as a wine shop clerk, a year in a coffee shop at the snooty end of town, a year in a coffee shop in the hipster realm, entered a technical institution's surveying program at summer 2008's start to get on a career track. 

Blazer fan since 1993, when I became a Portland resident until 2005.

Prelude over. Fugue next.

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