Nov 8th Junk Drawer - least commented JD ever, just a blog I posted earlier elsewhere with a few blazer references

Ha! Made you look! Now you've waster your time reading this, you might as well read the whole thing, then comment, something original, like, I like swiss cheese.

My fellow BEdgers, to help you kill the time until the game tonight, read this,  and I will see you at the game tonight,  I will be the guy wit the fabulous smile on my face. We're gonna win baby, let's not take them for granted, but come on, we're gonna win.

I know I know the remainder of this blog belongs on myspace, good point, but I figured it had a little Blazer in it. Just like we all do. So if you like it, thanks. I think it's swell, it's todays blog, it's called.

On my new fav song, on gutters cleaning and dramatic endings, Or....
Current mood: fabulous

I'm listening to that new Death Cab song Cath. It's good...Or....Great....
I probably should be cleaning right now. It is the weekend, and I have been doing alot of, well, not cleaning. Last night was the Ozomotli show at the Crystal Ballroom. I love that place, at one point we were on jumping, and it felt like we were walking on air, so dreamy...It was hot, dang hot, and I'll be a lying sweaty pig if I didn't say I sweated, like a pig. A dancing pig if you will. (Do dancing pigs sweat?) They played the songs that make the world go round and the round asses go up and down. I had to choice but to let the music take me over, take over me, and take me to a sweaty place you can't find anywhere else. Squished into a place near the front of the stage, Cutting a rug, shaking my grove thang, Ok forget I said that last line. The Mary and Andy adventures took a random night to see the best band to dance to I have ever been to, 4 times. Even Chali 2na came with the band so they could sing their old songs from the first album I got of theirs, and they could play "Super Bowl Sunday" which is a particular song I like to bob my head and shake my face to.
Afterwards we decided to go clubbing, as usual. If you know me you know I am a big clubber, mostly golf clubs and club sandwiches, but hey, I like to try to new things so let's check out a dance club. We met some friends at the infamous hole in the wall, The Tube! Don't let the name scare you, because it did scare me away for a while, remind yourself this in the the gay-club part of town, but yeah, the drinks are cheap and although there was a cover, and it's extremely small, and it was smoking, and some of the music was suspect, it was, eh, all right. We met this couple from Brooklyn while waiting in line, they had just got in last night and say the line was smaller then the one across the street with the $10 cover to they thought they would check it out, they loved it, actually they wanted to meet back up there tonight and booze boogie. I wonder why? I think because Mary and his girl made him a manwich for a few songs, very nice. I even danced with a few strange ladies, until they saw my moves, in which case they shimmied away to a more crowded part of the room.
So what else do you want to hear about? My house? Can we talk about something else instead? No, ok, well, the cats still crap in my fireplace. I have been doing a little bit of manual labor. The house work has been coming and going in waves. Some months I do a little, perhaps a ripple, other months, the Monsoons come and I actually get something done. The problem is the Blazers season started and now I only have a few days of the week in which to focus my energy elsewhere, and then there's Blazers Courtside Monday Night so that kind of ruins the first day of the week, I don't know, I did get the gutters cleaned the other day, and I finally played Joe the Plumber and went to home depot to rent a snake drill, cleaned that baby out real good and deep, and then bam, she runs like a track star. I need to tile my upstairs bathroom STAT, and work on getting another roommate lined up because Musonda moves out at the end of this month.
Well, what I am really thinking about is tonight. Blazers versus the T-Wolves baby.
We have already had two home games, tonight is the third. Opening night, well, amazing astounding and awe insipiring! We met up with some bellow BEdgers at McFaddens and got a little pre funky. Then we got to witness history, and it still feels like a dream. The Spurs Schmurs. Welcome to the New Kids on the Block club. For our second course we were witness to the most amazing finish to a game EVER. Ever, Ever, Ever, google it, or go to to read about it. I don't have the time to write about all the points scored in the last 1.9 seconds, 8....Let's just say Brandon roy has Andy-like basketball skills, maybe, just maybe, a little better.
Let's just say tonight has a lot to live up to. We should destroy the Timberwolves of Minnesota...And the night is fast approaching
I suppose I should get to work on cleaning now......

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