Sergio Rodriguez wants to leave Blazers

Check, the spanish newspaper:

[Norsktroll translation]

Sergio Rodriguez’s agent asks the handover Portland

Sergio Rodriguez leads the NBA in assists per minute, a trait evident that, after a preseason in which he has demonstrated in the eyes of anyone who is a basis NBA deserves to play more. His agent in Spain, Jose Ortiz, openly calls for the transfer in an exclusive statement to

Ortiz reflects on the three years of Sergio in Portland, which went from averaging 13 minutes as a rookie for the current nine (minutes), when his game has progressed a lot. “Any player in these three years who would have made a match to match the good days of Sergio would have played 30 minutes. When the coach makes probaturas in favor of giving minutes to players who play little, is never with Sergio,” For Ortiz, "McMillan does not like Sergio. Does not trust him. Any excuse is valid. For the player it is impossible to have confidence, because in three years, he has never known before a match what was his role, how much or when he was going to play, even if he was going to play or not. Neither knows why they are going to serntar failure, "he says.

A false second point guard?

Nate McMillan got tired of saying that in preseason, after the magnificent performance of Sergio (finished second in the entire NBA in assists in the ranking), was second point guard. “It’s a fictional situation,” said Ortiz. "The point guards are Roy and Blake. Last year, the second point guard [Jarrett Jack] played 28 minutes, 19 as a guard. What second guard of the NBA plays nine minutes like Sergio? None. Sergio has shown that he is ready if you have minutes, "he says.

Apart from a few minutes, has fractured. As in the last match, against the Houston Rockets, where he played two rounds of two and a half minutes until it appeared in the last quarter to help the team get a comfortable advantage. "Play the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second, with two-stroke deaths and the break between the fourth quarter and in between. And then you play if you’re going to play later. How are you going to get rhythm or confidence? It’s impossible! " says the agent.

Confidence “that is no longer valid”

Ortiz wants to make clear that Sergio is delighted with the owner of the club, with the city, with the fans, with his colleagues … feels that they have bet on him and is grateful, but in the third year is not enough. Only wants to be treated in a natural way. If you’re wrong, stop playing. If you’re good, do it. He is frustrated by a situation that is anomalous. That shows that the best thing for the Blazers, for McMillan and Sergio is that he is transferred to an another team where treats him in a natural way. "

But why it renewed? That’s the big question. The agent believes “it is strange to continue in the team. Nate McMillan does not like or does not trust [him]. For his career is clearly prefer a different kind of foundation,” he says. “Sergio is what it is,” he adds. “He could improve his shot, defense and physical, and has done so. What can not be a basis of half pitch,” Ortiz said, while recently: "I just want an opportunity to start from scratch.

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