Debunking the myth of the "Second-Youngest Team"

It's been all over the media this year. Golden State is fielding a younger team than Portland, so we're only the "second-youngest team" this year.

Well, that may have been true on opening day, when some reporter who was so inclined decided to do the math and check it out. However, there is a problem with that.



This is a skewed number, due to people on both rosters who don't actually PLAY in any games. Raef brings our average age up quite a bit, but he's out for the year with an injury. Can this guy seriously be counted as a factor for our average age when he's likely never to even suit up again in a Blazers uniform?

So, as a courtesy, I've charted the average ages of the top-10 minute getters in the season so far for both teams (using Jamal Crawford's minutes with the Knicks as a part of this so as not to skew the result).

Ages listed are in days, as of Dec 1. The numbers are as follows. For the Blazers, we have:

Brandon Roy.......07/23/84 = 8897
LaMarcus Aldridge.07/19/85 = 8536
Greg Oden.........01/22/88 = 7619
Sergio Rodriguez..06/12/86 = 8208
Steve Blake.......02/26/80 = 10506
Joel Przybilla....10/10/79 = 10645
Rudy Fernandez....04/04/85 = 8642
Nicolas Batum.....12/14/88 = 7292
Travis Outlaw.....09/18/84 = 8840
Channing Frye.....05/17/83 = 9330

For a total of 88515 days, or 8851.5 days old per player, which is about 24.25 years old on average.

For the Warrirors:

Kelenna Azubuike.12/16/83 = 9117
Andris Biedrins..04/02/86 = 8279
Jamal Crawford...03/20/80 = 10483
Stephen Jackson..04/05/78 = 11198
Corey Maggette...11/12/79 = 10612
Anthony Morrow...09/27/85 = 8466
Anthony Randolph.07/15/89 = 7065
Ronny Turiaf.....01/13/83 = 9454
Brandan Wright...10/07/87 = 7726
CJ Watson........04/17/84 = 8994

For a total of 91394 days, or 9139.4 days old per player, which is almost exactly 25 years old on average.

So, as we can see, the Blazers average about 9 months YOUNGER than the warriors, if you count only the players who see minutes.

This will change slightly, once we get Martell back from injury, and Golden State gets Ellis back from his injury, also, but since Martell is over a year younger than Ellis, it will only increase the disparity.

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