1st time post nada welcomes

I knew i should have logged on as blazer girl. Below is my 1st post, obviously nothing worthy of comment. But I dare you anyway, insults accepted.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 


Hi, long time lurker, 1st post. I won't be posting much, just a comment here and there - you guys are just too good, and pretty much cover the bases already. If Dave ever leaves I'm sure someone here could step right in. Not that Daves' going anywhere 'cause I don't see any chariots swingin' low.

Just wanted to say hi and how much I love this site. And thanks Dave for keepin' it clean.

And now the drum roll.............actually I made a similar comment on the recap tonight but notice the theme of the 3 blowouts:


Heat 68, Trail Blazers 106

High scorer Frye with 17

6 in double fig’s


Bulls 74, Trail Blazers 116

Roy had 20, 6 in double fig’s

Batum and Outlaw both had nine.


Trail Blazers 117, Kings 96

6 in double fig’s

Blake had 20, Roy had 16


All three blowouts have a “low” high scorer.

20 two times, 17 tonight.


Looks like something could be brewing here. I think our secret weapon is “Let the horses run”. We can dominate most teams by sheer attrition.


An Oden observation for those "Oden is a bust bloggers".

If Oden takes a pass down low and does a cat like spin move knocking Shaq into the 6th row slamming down a two handed monster dunk, ripping the basket completely off its' support, falls down and breaks both femurs in two places..Insert ugly 911 details here... He will never be Sam Bowie!!!

He will be Greg Oden. Contrary to my sig., I debated  contemplated the Oden/Durant option as much as anybody. But now there is no question. Oden was the answer. Besides all of Odens rookie issues, he is just getting mobbed out there. I'm confident he'll learn how to handle it. Was Bo Jackson the wrong pick, not in a million years. You pick the best athlete - which we did, and then you play the cards life deals you.

I didn't see anyone commenting on how Bynum came down on him in the L*ker game causing the twisted ankle. Greg was at his low point beginning to come up, when Bynum added 250 pounds to his back. Oden stepped out wide to the right to brace himself and Fishers foot was there. All of it ended with Oden being in a somewhat awkward position. So in a sense Oden also needs to learn how to protect himself. If it wasn't such a belated comment I would attach a poll here.

Great game tonight!

The PTB rocket ship has lifted off.....Lets' Ride.


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