Comparable team to Blazers

Don't come to my door with pitchforks and torches, but the Blazers in many ways resemble the Lakers.

One of the drawbacks to living in LA (or Orange County in my case now) is that we are surrounded by Laker fans. Now when said Laker fans are your friends (i know i know) you get stuck watching games sometimes. Its better than suffering thru yet another reality show on VH1 with the missus.

As I was watching the game, I started to draw some parallels with their team and ours. Now I am not suggesting that we switch to the triangle offense or anything but it would be interesting for Nate to look how the players on their team are used and how we could follow suit. Many of our players have similar skills and in my opinion we could help fashion our team after there's. I hate them more than anyone, but their record speaks for itself.

PG- Blake and Fisher. Both are solid, wily veterans. Can hit the outside shot. Don't make mistakes, and play solid defense with occasional lapses. Neither would be considered star material but they keep the team together.

SG- Roy and Bryant. The star players on said teams. Both have the ability to take over a game, both are the undisputed leaders of the team, and both are the heart and soul of their teams. Their numbers this year are strikingly similar and they are the one player on either team who can create scores on their own at will.

SF - Webster and Radmanovic. Skilled 3 point shooters, who when on the floor run to a spot along the 3 point line during offensive possesions. Both are large for their position (with Radmanovic being a bit taller at 6'10") but are used primarily to spread the floor. Both are adequate rebounders when in the correct mindset but mostly settle for jumpers.

PF - Aldridge and Gasol. Second best players on teams. Both are finesse big men who focus more on skill than brute strength. Aldridge has a better game from outside 10 feet but Gasol has a better back to the basket game at this point. These players are solid down the stretch (these first few games for Aldridge notwithstanding) yet defer to their #1 player at the buzzer. Both have had a somewhat unusual time working within the confines of having a large space eating big man in their area.

C- Oden and Bynum. Young, talented centers who have yet to reach their potential. Both excel at rebounding and defense and have limited offensive moves. Over time both have the ability to become allstars but at the moment are forced into third banana roles until their offense comes around.


Rodriguez - Farmar. Young, talented, out of control. Both show glimpses of starting PG play followed by bonehead plays. Both getting better year to year.

Fernandez - Vujacic (i hate him so much). Excellent shooters, No concience. Not great at defense. Lots of running off screens. Confident. (Rudy will be WAY better in a year or two but their games are similar)

Batum - Ariza. Long, lanky athletic SF who play excellent defense, stay in front of their man, rebound, pass well, and dont push their capabilities. Neither has much of an offensive game but both get out and run.

Outlaw - Odom. Starter level talent but both have tendencies to slip up down the stretch. Excellent rebounders when they so choose, good shooters, and solid players. Odom has far better dribbling skills and Outlaw is a better shot blocker. Neither are great defenders.

Walton - RLEC. Overpaid and dont play.

Mihm - Pryzbilla. Similar games. Neither is offensively talented. Pryzbilla is starting level talent, while Mihm is 12th man off the bench. Not even close talentwise but similar style games. Great rebounders, good at dunks and layups, strong underneath.

Frye really has no equivalent. It would have been Brian Cook but he has gone away.

Yue, Powell - Diogu, Randolph. None get any run.


Because we are similarly styled teams, we should watch the plays they run, their isolations and maybe ask our players to fill the same roles in the offense and defense that theirs do. Cuz no matter how much we hate them. What they are doing is working.

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