Boycott 95.5 in the morning

I'm so sick of Gavin Dawson ripping on Greg, that I'm turning off 95.5 in the morning
starting Monday 11/17 until they replace them

I'm sick of his rants.  I'm sick of his un-informed opinion.  I'm tired of him
just calling anyone who even 1/2 way disagrees with him names.

GAD!   Here's a sample of what some of you are saying:

The problem as I see it is simple. Too much is too much. Gavin Dawson and Colin Cowherd are great examples (IMO). I felt both were once real, I trusted them. Now power has changed them both. And as I like to say, character matters when character counts. Too many people lose our trust when given power.


I got nothin’ for either one of these guys any more. Two pompous windbags. Gavin is getting the whole Fox Networks thing down, to his detriment. Colin was getting to be pretty insufferable before he ever left town – hitting the big time put him over the top, beyond the pale, however you want to say that.


I have been fuming for about 36 hours over what I heard yesterday on the Morning Sports Page, as have many B-edgers.  And I wanted to write a post calling Dawson and Doing names and vent out all my frustrations.  But after reading Dave’s “Watching and waiting” thread, I’d rather do something constructive. 

I want intelligent sports talk radio.  And I know it does not sound like those two things can go together, but I hold out hope that they can.  When Gavin Dawson took over the MSP he had a chance to make it a quality show, instead he has taken a page from the Lars Larson/Don Imus playbook.  The MSP is trying to get listeners by being edgy and provocative.  Yesterday, whenever someone called up to point that out Dawson dropped the call and made a big thing about how they he is just telling the truth.  Yeah right.  The truth is there is plenty of quality sports news to talk about without making outrageous claims like Oden is a bust after 29 minutes of play.  Dave did a much better job of saying that than I can, so I will defer to his post on the benefits of watching and waiting. 

What I want is a new host and co-host for the MSP.  If you don’t believe me that Dawson is just trying to be controversial, think back to his take on this past NBA draft.  On his former show Overtime with Gavin Dawson, he and Doing made this big deal about the Blazer’s draft being a bust and the fans being sheep that are only excited about the draft because KP told us it was a great draft.  Then on the weekly Blazers’ podcast Dawson said the Blazers had a great draft.  That sounds like a guy who says whatever the people he is working for want him to say, that sounds like a sheep. 

And all I am going to say about Doing is that he is a L*ker fan.  He owns L*ker gear, he likes watching K*be play, and he routed for the L*kers in the playoffs.  Unacceptable. 

So if you are like me and want some Real local sports talk radio in the morning there is only one thing to do... listen to something else.  We have to turn the dial and keep it turned until either 95.5 or 1080 wise up and put a better product on the air.  I know that all you want after a Tuesday night win is to pop the radio on Wednesday morning and hear a recap, but the more you listen to those two the worse it will get.  Just think of it this way, anything is better than listening to a couple of Don Imus wannabes, even Don Imus (not that I recommend it). 

For the poll, who would you like to see replace Dawson and Doing on the MSP.  Personally I think a combination of Dave from Blazers Edge and John Strong would be awesome.  For those of you who don’t know John Strong he is on the BFT with Canzano; he is really knowledgeable about a lot of sports and he seems pretty down to earth.'


I have completely given up on The People’s Chump and Chad the "Prepubescent Body" Doing. The only way 95.5 will ever do anything about those two is if we turn the radio dial and we do not turn it back until after 9am.

Anyone else with me for a boycott?

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