Junk Drawer 11-13-08: Rudy Man Crush Edition

I officially have a man crush on Rudy.  Back off Jon Barry, he's mine.  That spinning, fade away jumper as the shot clock was winding down was sick.  I'm tired of all the Michael Beasley Rookie of the Year hype.  B-Easy aka Z-Bo Jr. was non existent in the 4th and couldn't guard RLEC.  Rudy should be right up there for R.O.Y. if he continues to hit big shots and play a sound all-around game.

-Last night also marked Greg Oden's debut 2.0 and first career NBA points.  Congrats, big man.  He still looks shaky in the post, but had a few monster blocks.  (The one on Chris Quinn shouldn't count, I could swat him)

-Another solid road win and the second consecutive win since the Blazers started wearing their red unis (pointed out by quality pie).  It was nice to see a team in red win in Florida without the help of Jeb and Katherine.  Next up are the Hornets on Friday.  ‘Nawlins lost to the NBA's only undefeated team last night, timbo's L*kers.  I'm looking forward to seeing James Posey's awkwardly long pre-game man hugs with the starters (I'm sure Shavlik would demand a trade if he played with Posey).  It should be a good game if Paul doesn't drop a 50 and 10 on us.

-Skip to My Lou, aka Rafer Alston, and Matt Barnes got into a scuffle last night.  Shaq won the fight after he pushed over the whole Rockets team.  Luckily Artest was not in the game.  However, the Rockets got the last lick, as they put the smack down on the elderly Suns.

-The Truth knocked down a Roy-esque game winning shot moments after Marvin Williams drained a corner three, as the Celtics beat the surprisingly good Hawks.  I would love to see another Hawks/Celtics playoff series. 

-Dwight Howard took out his frustration for Monday's loss to the Blazers by recording a 30 pts, 16 reb, 10 blk triple double against the lowly team that shall not be named.

-In other news, did anyone hear that Michael Crichton passed away at the age of 66 to a private battle with lung cancer on Nov. 5?  He was always good for an entertaining pool side/beach read. 

-The Killers album "Day and Age" and Kanye West's "808s and Heartbreak" will both drop on Nov. 24 to take advantage of the crappy economy and Black Friday.

-When is Lost coming back on the air?  I caught a few reruns and can't wait to be baffled by a bunch of crap that doesn't make sense.  For anyone who has HBO, I saw Summer Heights High the other night and it's pretty funny stuff.  Best comedy since Extras on HBO. 

-The new Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, hits theatres on Friday and looks bad ash.  Finally something good is coming out that won't cause you to lose all hope in humanity like another Saw or High School Musical movie grossing 100 million.

Feel free to comment on your love for the smooth criminal, Rudy Fernandez.

Go Blazers!


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