Blazer FanFest reactions!

This is the Fan post for everyone who went to the Fanfest tonight to share their thoughts, experiences,etc...

First, I arrived at about 4:30pm, the doors didn't open until 5pm, and that 1/2 hour was very odd, I was cramed into a small hallway with about 400 other people waiting for the door to open, staff was trying to wade through the crowd to get in to work, and it is just generally unorganized.

Once the doors opened, I got inside and found a good seat down low in the 100 level. Mike Barrett did the interviews, and they all warmed up for the scrimage. Bayless and Outlaw put on a dunk contest during warmups, with Bayless winning in my opinion, as Outlaw missed too many of his dunks.

The teams I can remember as following:

Black team

Roy, Oden, LMA, Sergio, Webster

White Team

Bayless, Rudy, Joel, Outlaw, Ike.

In the first 20 min half, the show belonged to Rudy, he drained at least three 3 pointers, and prolly had somewhere around 11 points and 3 beautiful assists. He would have had more too, but a few of his passes were not anticipated by the reciever who in return was not ready to shoot.

Outlaw shot the ball almost everytime he touched it, I hope that is not going to happen in the season. He shot it well though, and had somewhere around 10-12 points in the 1st 20 mins.

Oden was ok, he didn't stand out to me though, except for his huge size compared to everyone else. He is just so much bigger than Joel, LMA, Hill, etc... He had a few dunks when he got it down low, but the white team seemed to double him quickly, which led to at least one great pass to LMA for a dunk. One thing he did stand out in, is that he got his hands on just about every rebound he was in for, he didn't always get the rebound, but he touches the ball, sometimes deflecting it to a teammate, sometimes to himself, and sometimes to the other team, but I love the effort he puts into it. By the end of the game I think he had around 7 to 9 points.

Roy was Roy, he is ready for the season, and LMA is hitting everything he launches, except the one three from the corner he took. Web got lost again to me, he really just didn't stand out at all which is disappointing.

All in all it was very very fun to go, we set a new attendance record this year with over 11,000 people there, there were even people up in the 300 level to watch!

So, who else went, and what did you think?

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