Get ready for San Antonio

There's no point in moping around and hoping that Oden magically heals by Friday. The team is already moving on and getting focused for their 2nd game; the fans should too. There's going to be 81 more games this season to look forward to, and we faced one of the toughest games of all season. Our schedule is already tough, so we have to grow tolerant of some games where NBA championship hungry teams simply want it more and are better prepared.

Don't make any conclusions from one game. That was no average game. You won't see Roy shooting 5-15 again, starting 0-9 and Oden will come back. I don't want to hear any fire Nate, go Durant, Oden sucks, etc. We're Blazer fans. We're not your typical NBA fanbase that will judge a team from one game and immediately come up with conclusions that "Roy isn't athletic." We must perserve and look from the bigger picture.

Next game will be another challenege, but a more accurate representation of the kind of team that Portland will have to face in the playoffs and in the regular season. San Antonio won't have Ginobli, but Duncan and Parker will be a problem.

Look on the bright side and be optimistic. Fernandez and Outlaw were terrific. Fernandez ESPECIALLY. He hit 2 quick shots in the 1st quarter and provided the spark off the bench while the Black Unit struggled. A lot of his shots were also really tough with a hand in his face or at a full pace. Plus, Outlaw is finally out of his early season funk.

Przybilla was also REALLY promising in that game. There was not a single moment when Bynum was bullying Przybilla. He was definitely struggling and hit only one shot against Przybilla (a turnaround jump shot). The other times, he had to pass it out, on single coverage by the way, or toss up an ugly hook shot in desperation.

Blake, Roy, and Aldridge were off, and that was the reason really. Blake wasn't abloe to get any set shots and were bricking 3's like Rodriguez was last season. Roy was missing easy layups, and Aldridge was taking tough, off balance fadeways with the taller defender. They were just disorganized and playing too much one on one offense. Like I said, when will you see Frye, Blake, Roy, Aldridge, and Bayless all shooting that badly. It's not gonna happen again.



This was my first blog post. I've always had a problem with grammar, and I can't spend time editting aka I'm too lazy.\

Watch the video and get inspired.

"For it is together, together that we prevail!"

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