Rehash the draft

Training camp is done, and we've had a chance to see how the rookies for each team have done in the preseason. What have you seen, and what are your expectations?

1. Rose. He got game. Sure, he'll be inconsistent, but he has shown the flashes that make fans stand up and shout.

2. Beasley. Odd. Big-O, little-d, very little-d. Zach Randolph with better elevation and speed.

3. Mayo. This year's Kevin Durant. He'll shoot a lot, and lose a lot.

4. Westbrook. The reach of the draft. Seems like a Leandro Barbosa clone. Great straight-line speed, but lacks the lateral quicks and court awareness needed in a PG. I bet they wish they'd picked Bayless to put alongside Durant. Those two together would have been devistating in a few years.

5.  Love. Hmmmm. Can make an impact, but I would have expected him to be a starter during preseason. He didn't. Mayo did.

6. Gallinari. Broken. Not a good start. Just ask Oden.

7. Gordon. Good potential. Came off the bench and had some really impressive games and a couple ho-hummers.

8. Alexander. There's a little something there, but it was hard to see in the preseason. Late bloomer?

9. Augustin. Will see plenty of action due to his playing style. He may even become the starter this season.

10. Lopez. He's big. He's starting. He hasn't had a positive +/- yet. Doh!

11. Bayless. The Summer League MVP has the individual game, but needs to learn how to be a member of a team. With Coach Nate's help, he'll become a true game changer. Not this year though.

12. Thompson. Better than I'd expected. He can rebound well and score some garbage points. He seems a bit spotty on defense, but there's potential there.

13. Rush. Only two good preseason games. Both when he came off the bench. Once against a Memphis team he struggled against in a previous game. He's got role player written all over him.

14. Randolph. Better than expected in the preseason, but Nellie won't play him when the games count. Just ask any other rookie whose played for him.

One more bit of random speculation generated in an effort to kill the next few days.

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