Trail Mix 10/25/08 -- Live from New York, it's Saturday morning

Actually, this isn't live from New York, but that's neither here nor there. Heading for the 9:00 hour without a new rubbish bin for 1s and 0s, so I'll start spewing one together and by the time I'm finished there will be two others up. I'm superstitious that way.

Pound sterling is crashing, dollar isn't. At one point yesterday it lost 5% of its value vs. the US$. Yikes. When the US currency starts to free-fall, THAT'S when you'll know we're all cooked. 

So how many of you have called 911 to ask a question about traffic? Not really what it's for, sure, but maybe having a phone number to call about traffic stuff isn't such a bad idea. You could pay 99 cents a minute to have questions answered, bitch an moan about bad drivers, or just to cuss out the operator. This could no doubt be outsourced to India, where a kid named Vijay could pretend his real name is Ernie and field calls for $6 a day... A potential big money maker for the state, eh? </s>

Okay, time to grab the analog news distribution device...

Front page above the fold: national implications of the Smith/Merkley race. As if we all haven't noticed the 5300 "527s" that are dumping megabucks into the state to fund the never-ending rainbow of attack ads... Pretty close to an even race, it would seem, which is something of a surprise in and of itself because incumbents don't usually lose. The excellent political website Democratic Convention Watch has it as 6 polls even, 2 polls slight D lead, calling it the potential 58/100 Democratic seat (including Lieberman). LINK

In the world of sports:

I hear that basketball season is around the corner. Just a rumor. My personal goal this year is to watch at least a half of EVERY GAME this season. I came frighteningly close last year on accident. It can be done, I think.

Glanville to Vikings: Play well or not at all. This to the team that got blown out (!) by the Washington State Cougars (!!!). Question: does this mean that The Man in Black is planning on forfeiting the rest of the season. That's the way I read it...

Isiah hospitalized for sleeping pill overdose... Write your own dark Knicks joke here.

Big Green Ducks are not on TV today, but I think I saw that the game is going to be rebroadcast on Comcast Sports Net tonight at 11:00 or something like that. I was channelsurfing and think I saw that anyway. Consult your local listings or call up your local satellite provider and yell at them... Quackers are at ASU, who they should beat pretty handily, I think.

I saw a bit of the Lakers game last night. They're not so tough on paper, but they looked pretty good during the brief time I was watching them. Many raves from the announcers for Jordan Farmar, who is said to be the real deal at PG. Both he and Fisher finished with 5 assists... They were playing the Thunder, which you may be surprised to hear is not a women's roller derby team at all. 

Is that World Series thing through yet? Who won?

Oh, here's something: "Series ratings plummet." Thursday's game on Fox drew and 8.1 rating/13 share, the second lowest rated Series game ever. Who would have guessed? But I'm sure Rupert will survive this riveting matchup just fine...

How 'bout them Mariners? New GM of the amazingly bad Seattle Ms is Jack Zduriencik (pronounced Zur-EN-cik). He's gonna be a busy guy, he needs to do the complete KP treatment on that whole roster. Party line is they want it turned around "as quickly as possible," which is the kind of thinking that lead to the Richie Sexson free agent signing -- one of the worst in the history of the American League, let alone the team. Expect future badness. Lots of it.

Preseason basketball doesn't matter? The New Orleans Hornets finished 7-0. The Charlotte team, whatever the hell they call themselves, finished 0-8. Collect your prizes at the window.

Da Bullsss pick up 2009-10 contract options on Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah. Keith "Lucky Strike" Van Horn waived by the NJ Nets. 

Well, it's 9:30. That's enough crap.



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