Looking to unload my tickets, and man, do I have a deal for you!

Looking to get those stains out of your white shirts? Thought that your new white carpet was ruined from that whine stain? Well throw that old shirt out, put on on a Blazers jersey and get yourself out of house, away from that trashed floor and head on down to the Rose Garden. Don't have tickets? Well here's your shot!

I had 2 sets of season tickets, but now am down to about 1/2 a season. In order to stick to the rules of the site, I have divided what I have left into tiers, and you just pick two games from corresponding tiers. This is the last of what I got, and they aren't difficult to get rid of, but I thought that some real fans might want a shot at getting into some nice games at face value again.

Now the tier system I will use seemed to work pretty well before, so hopefully it goes well again here.So you would have to pick 2 pairs of tickets from inverse tiers. For example, if you pick from the top tier, or A, you have to pick from the bottom, or D. A pick from B would require a pick from C. First to pick a pair of tickets they want in the comments part, first serve. I'll email you about details about how we go about the transaction. Please leave your email address when you post. The tickets are in 334 row A and have a face value of $49 a ticket. They are really nice seats, behind the Blazers bench on the upper level.

But wait, there's more! It would hardly seem fair if I was able to get rid of a bunch of my regular season tickets and leave you guys out when the playoffs come around, right? While I can't give everyone a playoff ticket, I will give away one pair of tickets every round for face value. In order to get the playoff tickets, you first have to get a pair of games from me. Then, all you have to do to get the playoff tickets is tell me 1. How many games the Blazers will win this year, 2a. How many points Rudy will average per game, and 2b. How many rebounds GO will average. The closest WIN total will be the ultimate qualifier, so if you're one game away from the closest person in that, even if you're dead on with points and rebounds, that's a tough break.  After that, the person who is closest to EITHER Rudy's point total or Oden's rebounds get the tickets. If there is still a tie at that point, then the person who is strongest in the last category will get the tickets. If you buy 4 pairs of tickets (two upper level and two lower level games), you get to make 2 predictions. If the Blazers make it to the 2nd round, the 2nd place person will get tickets to one of those games at face value. Please put your predictions in the comments part along with the games you want.  Do not email them to me, I don't want to have to go rooting through 6 month old emails at the end of the season. Make sense? I'm kind of confused, so if you have any questions please ask.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the games I have left:

In 334 row A (behind the Blazers Bench! $49 a ticket, $196 for 2 tickets to 2 games)

Tier A

Phoenix 12/18, New Orleans Fri. 1/2, Phoenix 3/26, Utah 3/3, Dallas 3/11

Tier B

Philly 3/23, Denver 12/23, LA Clippers (Friday)12/12, Toronto 12/27 (Sat), GS sat. 1/10, LA Clippers 2/22, 

Tier C

 Minnesota 11/08,  Wizards Sat. 1/24, Minnesota Sat. 3/07, Ind. 3/04, New York Sun. 2/08, Atlanta 2/20

Tier D

Charlotte 1/28, Memphis 2/18, Memphis Sat 3/28, New Jersey Fri. 3/13, OK city 4/13,

 Well, have at it. I'll try and update it as much as possible if there is any updating that needs to be done, but I am in Japan which makes it tough sometimes. Here's the stadium map on the Blazers website, click on 334, row A-G for the 3d view.

I can't wait until I am able to use these tickets again, but right now my loss is your gain. Let me know if you have any questions.

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