Trail Mix 10/19/08 -- Put up or shut up edition...

Okay, okay, so I publicly blew chips yesterday over double spaced Beatles lyrics from their worst album in my friend Mr. BBY's Junk Drawer intro... And here it is, heading for 9:30 with no new edition to take it's place. So it's clearly time for me to put up or shut up... Now, without further ado, the complete double-spaced lyrics to "Hey Jude"...

I jest. Trust me, I jest...

But speaking of predictable and boring, how about that USC v. WSU football game yesterday? 69-zip, and USC intentionally left a touchdown on the table at the end of the first half and tried not to run up the score in the second... I have never in my life seen a worse Pac-10 team than the 2008 WSU Cougars. Blech. They could put that defensive unit on the field and let fat middle-aged postmen and car salesmen strap on a chinstrap and throw fantasy camp TDs to even fatter middle-aged bartenders and millworkers. You could do it, I could do it... The Cougs have given up OVER SIXTY POINTS four times already this season, with a bunch more games to play and lose. So I ask you, BEdgers -- have YOU ever seen a worse team in NCAA D-I football?

And speaking of lousy, how 'bout those Knicks? Starbury. Curry. Z-bo. Horrible last year and not looking any better on paper. Yet they beat the Celtics the other night. Yes, the Celtics. How does that happen? Is it possible (whispering now) that pre-season matters as little as Las Vegas summer league? And -- assuming this is so -- WHY ARE YOU SO SOLD ON SERGIO?!?! We saw protracted badness last year, with about 3 great passes in garbage time of the last game of the year... So, convince me, Sergiacs -- what do you see in him THIS year that he didn't have LAST year?

Back to our Celtics, I saw an interesting little poll yesterday on a Celtics site, asking which of four players currently on the roster should be cut. Dr. Darius leads the pack, with a 40-share, followed by Brian Scalabrine with 35.1, Sam Cassel with a 18.9, and the great JR Giddens with a 5.3. LINK. Does this make anyone breathe easier?

But wait, there's more...

OSU Beavers beat Huskies, to get to 3-1 in the Pac-10 (holding the tie-breaker over USC). There is a slight murmur starting about............... the Rose Bowl................ which is pretty hilarious, given the propensity of the Beavs to botch the most simple of things, badly, repeatedly, forever and ever a-men. "A Hint of Roses in the Air" says today's Oregonian. Haw haw! The Beav's QB is a converted Defensive End after all... Still, it's fun to imagine what that Civil War game could be like if both the Beavs and the Quackers win out... Any predictions on that one?

Speaking of predictions -- Sox v. Rays, game 7 tonight. That's baseball. I'm maintaining my record of having watched exactly 1 baseball game this season. Somebody let me know how that one's gonna turn out, will ya?

Lessee, what else we got? Big story on Oden in the Orgygonian... I'm too lazy to link it... Last home run ball hit in Yankee Stadium fails to draw $100,000 minimum bid at auction -- I reckon that's one positive side-effect of the stock market fiasco... Pacman Jones out for four weeks -- 14th time is a charm... 

Now for some tidbits for Tommy Bahamas and Twiggsy...

Front page news? "A New State Flag for Oregon? Sounds Like a Banner Idea." Ummm, not so much. Or am I off here? Does anybody actually hate our state flag and want to see it replaced in favor of something new in honor of Oregon's 150th birthday? Or is some newsie going Canzano and trying to stir it up rather than cover real news?

Barry projected as holding 264 Electoral Votes in hand, needs one win of the following over Mac to make the confetti fall from the ceiling: Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida. Hmmmm, that's pretty uphill for the Rs. Anybody want to call the longshot win for the right to have an especially satisfying Piggy Dance in front of us on Nov. 4? Mac said to be going to nasty robocalls and The Experience Issue... Anybody buying the efficacy of that approach?

Well, my Chargers are coming on, so I'm outta here.

Na na na, na-na-na-na


Na na na na -- Heeeeeyyyyyy Jude!!!







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