Blazers hold scrimmage at CHS

The Blazers held a scrimmage at Cleveland High School on Thursday night as a part of their ever growing Make It Better campaign.  Overall it was a great CHS community event and as a CHS alum I was stoked everthing went so well.  Some thoughts from the night:

-The basketball was extremely exciting, if you don't mind almost no defense.  Tons of ally-oops, 3s and dunks throughout the four 8 minute quarters.

-An impromtu dunk contest between Troutlaw and Bayless during pregame warmups brought some of the biggest oohs and aaahs.  Bayless one-upped Outlaw with a through the legs dunk immediately after Outlaw missed his.

-There were 2 ridiculous ally-oops, one to Outlaw where he caught it one-handed high behind his head and slammed it home, and one to Bayless where he turned and reversed it 2-handed.

-It has been said time and time again, but Rudy is gooooood.  He just lets the game come to him and plays with such ease, its hard to imagine him not being a huge star in the Association.  Plus, he has some awesome hair.

-Diogu and Randolph each had some nice monents hustling and making some nice moves down low.  Tatum had some good plays as well.  I will be interested to see what decisions the front office makes with regards to the last roster spots.

-Great to see Martell there to show his support.  He, Nate McMillan, Larry Miller, and Kevin Pritchard all received CHS letterman jackets before the game.

-The Blazers must have given away 20 autographed basketballs and many other cool items like shoes and autographed practice jerseys.  Some were given to kids in the audience who made halfcourt shots before the game but the majority were raffled off through the free raffle tickets that were handed out upon entry.

-A DJ spinning records (and using iTunes, I believe) added to the electric, carnival atmosphere.

-The rest of the team looked pretty good, of course Oden, Roy, and Aldridge were what we have come to expect, consistant and spectacular in their own ways.

I can't say it enough, this was a spectacular event for the CHS community especially since all of the $5 admission is going back to the school.  Thank you Blazers for having such an amazing event.

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