The Email I sent to Comcast Sportsnet

Maybe most of you have seen my comment under the Ryan White article. 

Here is a link to that comment where you can find contact information for CSN

Below is the message I sent to them.

Dear CSN,


Please forward this to parties responsible for the negotiations with cable providers regarding your station.


To whom it may concern,


A lifelong Portland resident and Blazer fan, I am as proud as punch of our city and our club.  The Blazers resurgence has been a rainbow in the dark storm of our current economy.  You can’t live in this city and not see enthusiasm and giddiness that has swirled around the upcoming season.  In a time of depression and weariness, we needed something to get excited about and we have it.


Unfortunately, there has been an ugly sore marring the beauty of the Blazers pending season.  Comcast and many cable providers have been unable to come to an agreement with terms of the CSN station.  Blame has been passed both ways, and the sides have appeared to dig trenches and refuse to give ground.  There has been a lot of money spent on bickering, name-calling, and ads to pass the buck.  I’m not interested in that game anymore.  It’s time for the parties to take a look around and see the situation for what it is.  Ugly.  Nasty.  Distracting. 


I’m not going to write to you about what I would say to the providers, that’s between them and me.  I will say, that many of the small providers probably aren’t in a great position financially in this market, and can’t afford what you’re asking.  Therefore, it’s time for Comcast to man up.  At the cost of losing a bit of profit margin, it’s time for Comcast to realize how important Portland’s lone professional sports franchise is to the city and give it to them.  Spin it like a charity move if you want, butter it up and get some good PR, Comcast could use it.  How much money are you willing to spend on advertisements that blame others before its greater than what you would make getting your way?  It’s time to do the right thing Comcast.


(My Name, which is a secret)

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