Trout vs. Webster vs. Sergio vs.........

In the past day and a half there was some serious talk about trading for Devin Harris. That rumor apparently was close to fruition and then completely squashed all within about the same time. I am very grateful this trade didn't go through, and a lot of that is because of Harris' contract, the dreaded 'poison pill' that years from now would bind us to him like it or not. The overriding sentiment that killed it though seemed to be that we were giving away too much, simply by the inclusion of 1 name... Travis Outlaw. This doesn't surprise me given his recent level of play. So we move on. But, one article that I came across while emphatically pondering this proposal highlighted the necessity for us to make a trade. The reason behind this was that next year we will have 22 players vying for roster spots, if you include Freeland and Kopenen. Since the Blazers don't play in the NHL, we can't accommodate all of them. We are going to have to make a trade, maybe several, to compact our roster.

In terms of trade value I assess that there are 3 levels. There are the untouchables, which are going to be our core. Our big 3. The likelihood of any of them getting moved is remote. Very remote. There are also our anchors. The sludge underneath our shiny super cool new vessel that we are going to have to practically bribe someone to take off. Then there is everyone else. Now Blake and Jones I think have shown us what they can do. Blake won't go up or down and he plays well with Brandon. It would be great to keep him, and if he goes I think most people would be alright since we know what we are losing and will likely be dually compensated. Jones is probably going to leave after this season, but with him as a threat from the outside we have a better chance at the playoffs. Seems like his future with us is pretty set. So that leaves our projects. And we have a lot of promising ones, but projects none the less.

First off, yes, everyone else is a project in my opinion. You think I'm crazy? Travis has been on fire the majority of these last 2 months, that much is true. He has also been inconsistent for 4 1/4 years. This last 1/4 of a season has been nice, but I would not call him a rock anymore than I would call Isiah of sound mind for wanting to keep Lee. What's more is that so many people (or the same person repeatedly) kept voicing their intentions of dropping Sergio and Webster like a bad habit during the Harris rumors. Take this into consideration for a moment; Travis at 23 has been with in the NBA for 4 and 1/2 years. Webster at barely 21, on the other hand, has been here for 2 and 1/2 years. Sergio is also 21 just 1 and 1/2 in, at a more difficult position to learn in a completely different environment (rules, style of play, language). They are both on a good learning curve it seems to me. If this trade were to have sprung up say last Feb. after the Denver game, Sergio would have been as untouchable as Outlaw is now. If it were to have happened this November, then Webster easily would have been considered safe from the clutches of another team according to the BE majority. There are huge upsides to all of these guys, after all they could be the best answer imaginable to our biggest questions.

There are also other names that were thrown in to the Harris deal. The most likely candidate to be jettisoned was Jack (24, 3 and 1/2 years in). Also, Frye (24, 3 and 1/2 year in) seemed all but gone. Our draft picks from both rounds, Kopenen and Freeland were all prospects to be moved as well. Realistically though that is what needs to happen to make a move.

On a side note, the reason we were probably involved with the New Jersey talks as a third party is because likely most trade scenarios will look pretty similar to what we saw (in theory). First, a team needs to rebuild, so they drop a fading star but don't want to get rid of their young prospects. The second is well up and needs something to get over the hump now and is willing to give up a piece of the future to do so. We are the 3rd party, the one who gets that piece of the future and gives the first team a lot of parts to work with in their rebuilding process. So we gotta give up something we like.

Anyway, let's get down to brass tax. Who is the trade bait that is going to pack their bags and leave our beautiful city of roses behind? I want to find out who everyone thinks we should drop. I'm only talking about our projects, the unfulfilled potential guys, on this team. You can pick a number of guys here because we do have to drop a lot to fit out roster.

P.S. I included Green with McLovin and Freeland just to give them a fighting chance. That and lack of poll options. Same with the 2nd rounders.

P.P.S. Why *in the world* was it between Mohamed and McLovin?! (I wanted to say that ever since I saw Superbad and my window to do so may be closing soon.)

Dave, I could use some help. Apparently the 'Allow multiple selections in poll' tab that I checked really isn't allowing multiple selections in the poll. Can anything be done?

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