Who should pick players for the All-Star game?

Everyone likes to bash the fans ability to choose the starters--and every year at least on undeserving but popular player gets to go to the ASG, taking a slot from someone who arguably deserves it more.

(That would be you, T-Mac.)

So here's a quick question:  Who should determine the make-up of All-Star teams?  Who is most qualified?

Choices are:

  • The fans.  They buy the tickets, the show is for them.  If they want to see guys like T-Mac or Shaq, its their business.
  • The coaches.  It's their job to know the ins and outs of the game, and who they want on their team.
  • The players.  The guys who play the game should know who's best at it.
  • Team management.  (Owners, GMs, etc).  They own the league, let them choose.
  • The league office.  David Stern gets to select injury replacements.  Let him (or his flunkies) choose the team.  The buck should stop with him.
  • The basketball press.  Many competent (and incompetent) journalists--bloggers, play-by-play guys, beat writers, talking heads, columnists, etc cover the game.  They (think) they know more than anyone about it.
  • The network.  The ASG is all about drama, so let the guys whose TV contract dollars run the league chose that team which would attract the most viewers.  
  • Statisticians.  Let guys like David Berry or John Hollinger--armed with their formulae, their computers, their regressions to the mean--choose the team.  (The formula is published prior to the season; no changing it mid-season).
  • A selection committee.  Just like the NCAA Field of 65--get a bunch of the above together in a smoke-filled room, and let 'em hash it out.  
  • Randomly.  Why not?  Draft picks are settled by ping-pong balls, why not toss a bunch of players names into a hat and draw the team on live TV?  Plus, it would be fun to see "now starting at center for the Western Conference--Darko Milicic!"  Stern would love that.
  • So, BlazersEdge readers.  Who should get the final say as to who gets to go to Nawlins?

    (A final parting thought, though I won't add it to the poll.  Let the fans in Portland and Sacramento, and any other city with "inadequate hotel space" to actually host the game, choose the teams...)

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