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Just killing time, thinking about how it was too bad  that Buck Williams couldn't make the heritage night, and kind of wondering how much people really know about Mr. Williams, seeing as he came here as free agent near the end of his prime (I've talked to a fan or two he grew up on those teams, but weren't aware of the full range of his accomplishments).

So here you go, in case you forgot or never knew, Buck Williams:

!980 Olympic team member.  Unfortunately, there was a boycott that year.

1982 ROY (for New Jersey, who retired his number when Buck retired in 1999)

Part of the notable Nets team that knocked of the defending champion 76ers in the first round of the 1984 playoffs.  They won all three road games while dropping both home games.  The team featured Buck, Darryl Dawkins, Otis Birdsong, and the last rejuvenation of Micael Ray Richardson's career.  Not until Jason Kidd, I believe, would New Jersey make it to the second round.

Came to Portland, fittingly, in a trade for Sam Bowie (and the following year's pick).  Sam helped us contend after all, just not how anyone expected.

Key, key addition; Portland was previously offensive minded, until we got Buck, and Kersey replaced Kiki, sparking our surprising Finals run in 1990.  Think Dallas after Avery Johnson took over.

All-defensive 1st team in 1989-90 and 1990-91.  Buck was the first Blazer since Lucas, Hollins, and Walton to make all defensive 1st team.  Lucas, Walton, and Hollins made it simultaneously in 1978.  Only the '96 Bulls and Fo, Fo, Fo Sixers have achieved three players since, and only the '70 Knicks and '76 Celtics before then (
No other Blazer has made defensive First Team honors since.  In fact, Portland's placing of 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd in defensive efficiency from 89-90 to 92-93 has not been equaled since (the WCF teams placed 4th and 5th, respectively).  

Aside: the Bulls and Pistons dominated the defensive team selections in the late 80's, early nineties.  The defensive aspect of Oden and Aldridge excite me greatly.

Buck led the league in FG% in 91 and 92, with just over 60% each year.

Averaged double-double for his career.

Players union president in the mid-nineties.

My first memories of the Blazers was watching Buck dive for a loose ball in the '90 Finals.

I remember three four point plays: James Jones a little bit ago, Larry Johns in the ECF, and Buck getting fouled away from the ball on a three point shot (Porter? Drexler?) in a regular season game against Houston in the contending years.

The Basketball hall of fame is weird and international/college centric, but if it was run like Baseball or Football, Buck would probably make it in as veteran's committee selection.

Anyone else have any Buck memories?

here is his wikipedia page for more specifics (most of this I have written from memory, so you might be able to find even more stuff there)

and his bball reference page:

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