The "Icing on the Cake" Diary and Poll

OK, so many of us have heard the following infamous KP chat where he mentions his desire to put "The Icing on the cake" and the ability to go after the "Rashard Lewis" like players. He must mean by that the PREMIER free agents available in that Free Agent class.

It starts at about 6:24 and is worth listening to up until 8:30ish. -ep&num=10&filter=0&expand=true&match=query,channel&dedupe=1&y=15&s=PZSI D_0000289159;Primetime+Interviews&x=39&e=7445972

So my question to you oh Blazersedgers is this: Who is the icing on the cake?

(Might want to check this out before you vote)

After much inner questioning looking at the roster and the list of available FA's in '09, I've come to the conclusion that KP want's Chris Paul to run the point.

Due to the long timeline involved I must admit my number one reason I think it's C. Paul is I've had a gut instinct about this that I even tried to ignore as it seemed too hopeful.

 Then there is some other ephemeral evidence that points in his direction. You have the "Icing on the Cake" "Rashard Lewises of Free Agency" statements which certainly suggests not just competent but Star caliber play.

There is also fatty's anecdotal statement that KP wanted to Draft C. Paul but the Two Stooges Nash and Patterson went with Martell instead. (Thankfully else we could never have gotten Oden let alone have the possibility of getting Oden AND Paul in 09)

Finally the strongest/weakest piece of evidence is the following hillarious Ms. Gossip interview with Oden where of the players who walk by Oden it is C. Paul who grabs him and talks/Jokes with him while giving him advice about wariness of cameras now that he is in the N.B.A.

Yep I think there is some some small prayer of landing Paul. I have that funny feeling and I can say this. If we DO indeed get Paul we are INSTANTLY going at least to the WCF. And yes my friends you can write that in your book whilst enroute to your favorite banking establishment.

One little add on question is this. Do we possibly have trade bait outside of the big three including 2 years of draft picks to make an offer to New Orleans for Paul or to any other restricted FA?

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