Vacation and Blazers

After taking a week off and traveling to Florence to spend some time at a B&B to recharge, I was struck by several things:

  1. There are NBA fans everywhere, regardless of what the ratings say. It just means more when your team is in it.
  2. It's windy in Florence
  3. I can't stop talking about the Blazers, even on vacation.
  4. I'd rather relax at the beach than party in Vegas.
As I said, I stayed at a nice Bed and Breakfast in Florence, the Edwin K (I highly recommend if you get the chance), and I met many different people from all over the country. Eating breakfast together, the topic invariably moved toward the Blazers and the draft. It's strange how most of my conversations drift (are directed) to that topic recently. Anyway, all of the guys at the table had passionate opinions on what should be done, not just by their own team, but by others as well. One guy from Atlanta was drooling over the idea of getting Jack from us. A solid point guard with hometown ties? Where do I sign up? That kinda thing. The guy from Minnie was all about dumping KG and getting the rebuild underway. He had no illusions about still building a championship with KG at the core. Get as many young bricks to build with and start over now. My wife eventually elbowed me in the ribs and politely redirected the conversation toward the historic house (ie, I was told to shut up).

I would have expected Florence to take advantage of their wind and build a bunch of windmills to supply their homes with electricity.

I went to a specialty T-shirt shop, and somehow the topic shifted to the Blazers, go figure. Anyway, I asked if they'd ever seen a Blazers Edge T-shirt. Sorry, Dave. That was a no. But they were excited about seeing Oden or Durant in Black and Red next year.

After spending a couple days gorging at breakfast (5-course meal) and walking and shopping around Old Town, I've come to the conclusion that the relaxing B&B vacation beats the high paced Vegas adventure anytime. I left feeling refreshed and recharged, exactly what you're after when taking a vacation. When I'd get back from Vegas, I'd feel like I'd need to take a vacation again. Work almost seems like a vacation of sorts by then. Either way, work calls again, and I'm going blind catching up on all the stuff I've missed. It's a tough life. Eight days to go!

Go Blazers!

Thanks to Marv and Laurie at the Edwin K for a great stay!

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