Big Men ramble

I'm going to meander a bit with some thoughts that have been bubbling.

Thought number one is the point that lebron has never won a championship.  He's in his fourth year so i laugh that off.  The fact he's on the verge of finals with a TERRIBLE team and an even worse coach really can say something about a superstar that can motivate his team.  That's something jordan did.  Do you see kobe motivating his team?  Nope... he has that will to win but for himself.  Big difference.

Will the cavs falter against the spurs?  of course.  You can't say it's because they lack a big man though.  It's because lebron tries to count on his team and i think he gets the absolute most out of them, but theres a paucity of talent.

Now onto the big man part.  People scream and rant that you need a big man to win.  A while back i called oneal (pacers) small and was corrected.  I believe there was something listed somewhere that Aldridge will be as big or bigger than oneal.  So... i ask you this... why is that suddenly not big?  what about 6'11 is not big?  The kid is going to seriously grow into his frame.  It's called puberty.  Just like durant will probably grow another inch or two because he's so young.

Imagine someone of lebrons talent on the court with aldridge and roy.  What would that person be able to do in the finals?

Durant is definitely a different player.  I'm not comparing him to james in terms of style.  James is a beast and SMASHED the pistons physically as opposed ot a finesse game.  But, durant has that "whatever it takes to win" mentality.  he has that intensity and will, and the kid is going to work like crazy until he wins.

All things equal between durant and oden... do you want the kid who wants to be a dentist, or the kid who's been dreaming since 10 that he wants to be a basketball star and doing everything he can to reach that goal.

My rambling point is that fire and team play is FAR more important that the debate of "you need a big man to win".

Big men help, but they're not the whole story.

So... all that said.  I only need ONE thing to go to the oden camp.  I need intensity to match durant's.  I need dedication, fire, a desire to win, and an ability to trust his team.  Because, all things aren't equal.  Domination over the center's position will be ours for years to come.  

BUT without fire and drive and hunger, it doesn't matter.  What could miles be if he had that team spirit and desire to work hard and win?  What could wallace have been?  What did ben wallace become with no talent BUT that fire?

So, i saw an interview with oden and I saw something i liked.  He made a comment about being dunked on and that he'd just come back and dunk twice as hard. It wasn't just what he said... but how he said it.  I heard something ferocious in that voice.  Something that sounded like he wanted to rip out his opponents neck with his bare teeth and then stomp on the carcass as he came down from that retaliation dunk.

I saw that fire that I've been missing and i liked it.

YOu can talk talent and size and position till you're blue in the face, and you can talk who's won what over the years with what player, but I don't care about that.  I care about hardwork, team work, leadership, and FIRE.

I tasted that with oden and if he can give that to us day in and day out in a basketball game... then i'm in his camp.

Just look at what James is doing with a no talent team but with leadership and fire in his belly.  Imagine that on our team at the SF position or center position.  Imagine what we can do with a player like that.

I think that's why the interviews are so important to KP.  I think he looks for that spark, that ferocity, and that desire to not just win as an individual, but as a team.  In the end... it's the winners of championships who are remembered and it's the players with the stronger wills that win them.

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