I'm Laughing Myself Silly Thinking of Canzano

For years I've just loathed the guy. Now, with this winning--and with this team--I'm filled with an overwhelming euphoria of schadenfreude.

What's poor-man's grinch going to write about?

"Dang... no layoffs. I can't figure out anything rotten with Paul Allen 'cause he bought back the Garden, bought the Franchise contract, updated the arena... maybe I'd better put some Papparazzi photogs on the guy and catch him with Timberlake or Hilton or someone...

"... And they've not laying anyone off... I can't figure out yet how to blame Global Warming on the Blazer management but I should check on that for later...

"What's going on? No drug possessions, no strip clubs, no booze, no ladies, no posses... Joel sounds like a Canadian so even if he did do something he's just too nice to attack...

"Oh my God. There's... there's nothing bad happening! What am I going to do? My little job of rubbing sand and glass slivers in the open wounds of peoples attempts to put some joy and hope in their lives is in trouble. I'm... oh my God... I might be irrelevant in a world where nothing bad is happening!!

"Gotta search the internet harder! Must find pain! Must find little old ladies to write about! Must brush up on Marxist philosoph!! Must invent more stories out of imagination!! I have to do something...

"I'm melting... I'm melting..."

With every Blazer win I see that peddler of misinformation, character besmirchment, sensationalized half-truths, and wicked insinuations vanish a little bit more like the sinking memories of a bout of food poisoning from the local Jack-in-the-Box.

It must be hard when your entire body of work is designed solely around creating outrage and guilt around issues. If there's one thing that history has taught us, it is that the good things survive and most ugliness is forgotten. "Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye know and all ye need to know" (Keats for you non-English majors out there.)

So each Blazer win with this team turns the volume down on the Canzano bleating until, one day, we'll notice that we're hearing nothing at all. And that's when the new era will truly begin.

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